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Enter To Win A Lifetime Membership For FREE!

This time of the year we all give gratitude for the many blessings we have. One of our greatest blessings ...
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Gun Grabbers Lose In Caldwell, Win In Boise. Is Boise Gone?

It was a wild election night in Caldwell and Boise. Gun owners turned out in droves in one race and ...
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Radical Gun Grabber Running for Caldwell, Idaho City Council?

A radical gun grabbing candidate is trying to win a city election in….Caldwell, Idaho! You would think this candidate would ...
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Check Your Mail!

Last week we mailed out our 2020 Membership Cards to thousands of Idaho gun owners across the state. I got ...
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Gun Grabber Michael Bloomberg Enters Presidential Race! Gun Owners Unite!

The 2020 presidential race just keeps getting crazier. Socialists are running amok for the Democrat nomination and not one clear ...
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Are Red Flag Gun Seizures Possible In Idaho?

The madness of Red Flag laws continues to spread across the country. Over a dozen states have already implemented what ...
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The Video Politicians Don’t Want Gun Owners To See! Enter To Win A Free Gold Membership!

There is a secret the political elite don’t want you to know. Nothing scares them more than gun owners knowing ...
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Can We Get More Citizens to Support the 2nd Amendment?

America is at a crossroads on gun control. The media and radicals in the Democrat Party continue to misinform and ...
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Idaho Falls Freedom Tour Stop LOCATION CHANGE!

In true Idaho fashion, the weather has decided to be uncooperative for tonight’s Freedom Tour event in the Idaho Falls ...
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Special Message from Rep. Christy Zito

There is perhaps no greater cause for liberty than defending the right to keep and bear arms. Our ability to ...
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ISAA Wraps Up Northern Idaho Portion of Freedom Tour!

After meeting with hundreds of gun owners on six stops, we have wrapped up our northern portion of the Idaho ...
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Political Training in Sandpoint this Saturday! Online Class Also Available!

Gun owners in the Sandpoint area have the opportunity to attend an exclusive political training taught by ISAA President Greg ...
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