2015 Constitutional Carry for Idaho rally announced!!!

We are excited to announce that the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance will hold a rally next year, during the legislative session, in an effort to encourage the Idaho legislature to pass Constitutional Carry.

The date of the rally will be February 21st, 2015 (Saturday). Details of the rally will continue to come forth as the date draws nearer but we plan on marching again this year as we did in January of 2014. The estimated start time is 3:30 p.m. from the Center on the Grove. Because this rally will be held on a Saturday we hope that people will make an extra effort to attend.

We need everyone’s help in telling all Idaho citizens about this rally so we can have a large turnout. Facebook, flyers, email, phone calls, and word of mouth all need to be methods utilized to spread the word about this rally.

It is time for Idaho to pass Constitutional Carry and join a growing list of states that recognize that bearing a firearm should not require permission. The 2nd Amendment is the only permit that you need and your right to self-defense comes from a higher power, not the government.

Let your voice be heard again this year and lets show the legislators that we aren’t going away until the 2nd Amendment is restored in full.

Thank you all,

Idaho Second Amendment Alliance Staff