2020 Idaho Legislative Candidate Gun Surveys are In!

We want to let you know that the 2020 Idaho Legislative Candidate Gun Surveys are up for you to review.

Please note that the deadline to turn them in is tonight at 11:59 p.m.

Even though surveys are due this evening, they will still be uploaded as they come in after tonight’s deadline.

However, from this point on, if your candidate has not returned the survey, they likely have a gun control stance they want to hide.

Additionally, make sure that you don’t assume any person in the Republican Party is 100% pro-2nd Amendment. Also, don’t assume that someone in the Democrat Party will answer 100% anti-gun.

We have already had candidates from both major political parties fill out our survey with 100% pro-gun answers and candidates from both major political parties fill out our survey with not 100% pro-gun answers.

We also have results from Constitution and Libertarian Party candidates.

Please note that ALL candidates from all parties, non-affiliated candidates, and independent candidates were sent a survey.

Please note that my wife and I will be having our fifth baby this evening or tomorrow morning. Therefore, any surveys submitted over the next couple of days will likely not be updated on our website until we return home.

You can check out the survey results here:

The 2020 Election season is underway and we must keep gun grabbers from taking hold in Idaho.

It is our job to inform you of which candidates are taking a solid pro-2nd Amendment stance and which ones are not.

We are only able to do the work we do because of the support of so many gun owners across the state.

If you are not already, we would encourage each of you to become Liberty Members with the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance.

The Liberty Membership is our premier monthly membership program and only costs $10 a month! When you sign up, be sure the box “Make this a Monthly Recurring Donation” is selected.

You can join using the link here:

We’d be honored to have you as a Liberty Member but we also know this is a tough time for many of you.

Be sure to take care of your families first and as always your prayers for the organization are greatly appreciated.

For Idaho,

Greg Pruett
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance