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Accomplishments Overview


PASSED Stand-Your-Ground law; allowing Idahoans to defend themselves against violent criminals without having to retreat or face prosecution from ‘woke’ county attorneys.

PASSED legislation to lower the age limit on who can carry firearms; if an Idahoan can join the military at 18, they damn sure should be allowed to carry a firearm at 18. Now they can.

LEADING THE FIGHT to Strengthen Idaho’s Stand-Your-Ground law; to ensure that no ‘woke’ prosecutor can put an Idahoan in jail for using justifiable force in a self-defense situation.

Firearms Freedom

PASSED Constitutional Carry Legislation; allowing Idahoans to carry a firearm without needing a government permit.

PASSED Constitutional Carry Expansion law; which means Idaho’s Constitutional Carry law applies to all law-abiding Americans, not just Idahoans.

Government Overreach

PASSED the Second Amendment Preservation Act Expansion Act; ensuring that any government agency that tries to enforce unconstitutional gun control laws will face fines and criminal charges.

DEFEATED EVERY Gun Control Bill Filed in Boise; including the ‘Red Flag’ lite bills that are filed by Republican moderates.

Elected Official Accountability

EXPOSED Gun-Grabbers in the Legislature; using direct mail, email, radio/TV ads, digital and internet ads, and a door-to-door lit dropping program. This educational program led to DOZENS of anti-gun moderates being removed from office!