Action Alert! Send Your Legislators Email to Protect Idaho Cities and Counties!

We need your immediate help to support a crucial piece of pro-2nd  Amendment legislation in the Idaho capitol!

With the end of the 2022 Idaho legislative session quickly approaching, it’s imperative that gun owners mobilize to pass HB 676, a critical upgrade to our state’s firearm preemption law.

HB 676 is being sponsored by Rep. Priscilla Giddings in the House and Sen. Christy Zito in the Senate. These pro-gun champions are trying to ensure your right to keep and bear arms is protected from liberal cities who are trying to subvert our state law.

<<< Send Your Legislators an Email Supporting HB 676! >>>

For those who don’t already know, the ISAA and the Second Amendment Foundation are knee-deep in a monumental lawsuit that is now before the Idaho Supreme Court!

The case stems from the city of Sandpoint’s blatant violation of our state preemption law. The city thought it had the authority to let a private party ban firearms in a public park when the city itself has no authority to do so.

After an activist judge in northern Idaho sided with the city and didn’t even listen to our attorney’s case, we appealed the case to the Idaho Supreme Court.

However, we know that we can’t wait around forever. Liberal cities across Idaho are likely looking to do exactly what Sandpoint did.

HB 676 makes it even more clear that a city/county can’t get around our firearm preemption law by simply issuing a “temporary” lease to a private party who then bans guns.

The bill is currently with the House State Affairs Committee, awaiting a full public hearing. However, we need your help to ensure it gets a hearing and that all Idaho legislators know that you support this crucial piece of pro-gun legislation.

There is little time to waste, as the legislature is moving quickly to get out of Boise.

Act now by sending your legislators a pre-written email telling them to support HB 676!

<<< Send Your Legislators an Email Supporting HB 676! >>>

It is only with your help and pressure in the capitol that the right to keep and bear arms will be protected in Idaho.

Thank you for your dedication to the cause. We appreciate your efforts.

2nd  Amendment patriots are the backbone of this state and will continue to be far into the future!

For Idaho,

Greg Pruett
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance