Tell Gov. Little to sign SB 1205, SAPA Expansion into law!

While Idaho passed two laws in 2010 and 2014 to establish Idaho’s SAPA law, there are some issues that have arisen from those laws that we want to address and make our SAPA law even stronger.

Sen. Zito’s efforts have helped lead Idaho to have SB 1205 before it. The bill is a re-write of HB 300 with some small changes.

The bill will help Idaho establish even greater protections for gun owners. When Idaho needs to challenge the gun control Biden is pushing in the courts, Idaho’s gun owners will have even more ammunition to do so with HB 300/SB 1205.

We need all gun owners in Idaho to send Gov. Little an email right away telling him to sign SB 1205 into law!

When you’re done, please join the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance and help us in this fight to defend our gun rights!