Tell Your Legislators to Co-Sponsor Second Amendment Protection Act!

While Idaho passed two laws in 2010 and 2014 to establish Idaho’s SAPA law, there are some issues that have arisen from those laws that we want to address and make our SAPA law even stronger.

Zito’s bill, RS 28254, will help do several things for Idaho’s gun owners:

Establishes numerous small arms in Idaho such as AR-15’s, reloading equipment, magazines of any size, and other items and declares them as necessary for Idahoans to defend themselves.

By declaring these items necessary for Idahoans defense, we are setting up a future court battle in the U.S. Supreme Court where we use the 10th Amendment and the 2nd Amendment to overturn these unconstitutional measures.

The bill instructs the Attorney General in Idaho that he must defend this law and do everything he can to protect Idahoans’ right to keep and bear arms. If the Attorney General refuses to defend the law, the bill says that the legislature through a “concurrent resolution” can appoint someone from their body to intervene on behalf of the people!

This law is more crucial now than it ever has been before.

We need every legislator to co-sponsor Sen. Zito’s SAPA Expansion act right away! Contact your legislators immediately by signing your official petition! 

When you’re done, please join the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance and help us in this fight to defend our gun rights!