Help Us Strengthen ID’s Firearm Preemption Law!

Idaho’s Firearm Preemption law is being subverted. We must make it clear that cities cannot go around our law by passing HB 676!

Until we address what the city of Sandpoint has done to gun owners, other liberal cities in Idaho are going to use similar methods to ban firearm in our great state.

ISAA is working with Representative Priscilla Giddings and State Senator Christy Zito to make it clear that cities/counties CANNOT temporarily lease public property to private organizations and then let them ban guns on that property. 

We believe the current law already does this, and that’s what our Idaho Supreme Court case is all about, but we apparently need to write it out even clearer so that cities/counties understand what the intent of the law was when it passed in 2008.

So please send your PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL to your State Senator and State Representatives using our automated system and insist that they co-sponsor and publicly champion HB 676 during the 2022 session!  

Once you’ve done that, take the next step and become a member of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance so we can keep fighting for you in Boise and in D.C.! Get involved at!