Emergency Session Needed to Protect 2nd Amendment in Idaho!

The Idaho Supreme Court has done the unthinkable!

In a 5 to 0 opinion, the ISC gutted the 2nd Amendment in Idaho. They determined that it was okay for a city or county to “lease” the property to a private party who can then ban firearms on PUBLIC property.

This stunning betrayal by Idaho’s highest court is shocking, to say the least.

Nothing will stop anti-gun mayors like Boise’s Lauren McLean from creating “gun-free zones” throughout the city.

Additionally, thousands of public events will be taking place on public property all summer long. Idaho’s supreme court has essentially nullified our firearm preemption law, which ensured public property was a place you could carry your firearm.

The legislature MUST return to Boise for an emergency session to address this massive problem.

Contact your legislators and Governor Brad Little today to demand they fix this immediately! 

And when you’re done, please consider becoming a member of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance — the most effective political fighting force in Idaho! Go to: www.JoinISAA.com