Help Us Fix Idaho’s Self-Defense Laws!

Idaho’s Stand-Your-Ground laws have big holes in them. And until they get fixed, any gun owner in the state could be prosecuted by a ‘woke’ county attorney advancing a personal agenda.

And whether it’s Mark and Patricia McCloskey in Missouri or Kyle Rittenhouse in Wisconsin, it’s becoming clearer by the day that many local prosecutors are taking their marching orders from George Soros and the DNC.

That’s why ISAA is working with Senator Christy Zito to provide criminal immunity to gun owners who use reasonable force in defending themselves. More, this new legislation would offer a pre-trial hearing so you could assert your immunity BEFORE you go to court, not only during an appeal following a conviction.

Once this bill is passed into law, Idaho will have the best self-defense laws in the entire country, and we won’t have to worry about being McCloskey’d ever again! But moderates in the legislature don’t want to pass this bill and are working behind the scenes to kill it.

So please send your PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL to your State Senator and State Representative using our automated system and insist that they co-sponsor and publicly champion this legislation during the 2022 session!  

Once you’ve done that, take the next step and become a member of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance so that we can keep fighting for you in Boise and in D.C.! You can get involved at!