Tell Your Legislators to Co-Sponsor Stand-Your-Ground Expansion!

While Idaho recently codified the important “No Duty to Retreat” aspect of Stand-Your-Ground into law, and whereas we already have Civil Immunity, we are still lacking one major component of Stand-Your-Ground: Criminal Immunity.

You see, the whole point of Stand-Your-Ground law is to make sure that a law-abiding gun owner who is forced to use his firearm in a self-defense situation can’t be victimized a second time by a politically motivated prosecutor.

Criminal Immunity specifies that if the gun owner didn’t use improper or unreasonable force, he is IMMUNE from criminal prosecution.

With the ever-changing landscape in Idaho, it is crucial to safeguard our ability to defend our lives from those who seek to make examples out of innocent gun owners.

That’s why we need all Idaho House members to co-sponsor Rep. Zito’s Stand-Your-Ground Expansion bill right away and show their support!

Take action today by letting your Representatives know that you want them to sign on as a co-sponsor.