Tell Your Legislators to Vote “Yes” on Constitutional Carry Expansion, HB 516!

Idaho has a chance to finalize our Constitutional Carry law!

In 2016, Idaho passed what is commonly called Constitutional Carry.

For several years now, gun owners have enjoyed exercising their right to keep and bear arms without needing government permission.

In 2019, Idaho expanded Constitutional Carry by lowering the age limit to carry a firearm concealed inside city limits without government permission to 18-years-old. This brought the law in line with what existed outside of city limits.

Now, Idaho has one final piece of Constitutional Carry to bring us in line, and even better in some cases, than most of the other Constitutional Carry states. While most states with Constitutional Carry allow all U.S. citizens to carry in their states, concealed, with no permits, Idaho is one of the few that has restrictions against people not from our state.

Current Idaho law allows U.S. citizens from other states the ability to carry firearms throughout the state of Idaho, including in their vehicles, with no permit. However, once those individuals exit their vehicle inside city limits, they are now criminals unless they have a permit.

HB 516 would bring clarity and uniformity to our concealed carry law. This is good for both Idahoans and law enforcement.

Tell your legislators to vote “Yes” on HB 516, Constitutional Carry Expansion!