Tell Your Senators and Congressman to Oppose H.R. 125!

Joe Biden and his America-hating allies in Congress are far more interested in protecting violent criminals, than the law abiding citizens these thugs prey on.

That’s why the gun-grabbers have filed H.R. 125, legislation that would force you to wait seven days before you could buy a firearm or magazine — or hit you with felony charges! 

Waiting periods have been repeatedly shown to get innocent people killed by criminals who simply ignore these laws and carry out their vicious attacks.

But a growing number of Republican legislators support waiting periods and have teamed up with the radical left to push them, which means this is a very dangerous threat to your gun rights!

Take action now to help us stop H.R. 125 by signing your official petition to Senators Crapo and Risch (along with your Congressman) insisting that they oppose this legislation and publicly oppose it. 

And when you’re done, please become a member of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance, the most effective political fighting force in Idaho!