Alert! Republican Leaders Trying to Kill Real Stand-Your-Ground in Idaho?

We’ve got breaking news regarding Stand-Your-Ground in Idaho.

Insiders tell us that Republican leaders in Boise are working hard behind the scenes to kill Stand-Your-Ground (H.B. 444,) and push a watered down “gun bill” instead.

If you don’t want Republicans in Boise to join with Democrats and Bloomberg to kill this legislation, then you need to act IMMEDIATELY!

More on that in just a second.

As H.B. 444 began to gain steam, the Bloomberg minions from Moms Demand Action were infuriated that we were pushing better self-defense laws in Idaho.

In fact, they met just two days ago at the capitol to stop Stand-Your-Ground from going forward, and it appears some Republicans are starting to agree with them.

(Bloomberg’s activist meet in Boise to try and block Stand-Your-Ground (H.B. 444.)

Is this who is going to have the biggest voice for Idahoans and their gun rights?

Our sources tell us that Republican leaders are scared of passing H.B. 444 because it is “too strong” of a gun bill.

Too strong for who?

The only people opposing this bill are criminals, gun grabbers, prosecutors, and some anti-2nd Amendment politicians in Boise.

So why are Republican leaders joining them?

Do you want some watered down “gun” bill that politicians can hang their hats on at election time?

That’s exactly what they are getting ready to do to H.B. 444, and you need to make sure they know you won’t stand for it any longer!

How do you help stop this from happening?

We have provided a pre-written email to Senate and House Leaders in Boise so that you can easily send them an email with one click.

Send House and Senate Leaders an email here!
Next, please make sure to call each of their offices and tell them you want H.B. 444 to pass, and you won’t accept a bill that does anything less!

Senator Brent Hill:        208-332-1300
Senator Chuck Winder:      208-332-1305
Speaker Scott Bedke:       208-332-1111
Representative Mike Moyle: 208-332-1120

Additionally, citizens keep asking the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance where the NRA stands on H.B. 444, and the Constitutional Carry Expansion bill we are also pushing.

The truth is that we don’t know. They have not come out publicly and stated their position on either bill.

Because we do not work for the NRA, we are asking that NRA members direct their questions to the NRA-ILA representative for Idaho. Her contact info is below:

Keely Hopkins: 703-939-0824
[email protected]

Quite Frankly is doesn’t matter if the NRA supports the bill or not. This is what gun owners in Idaho are asking for.

In fact we ran a poll asking gun owners if they wanted H.B. 444 to pass if the NRA didn’t support the bill and 99% of respondents said yes!
(Online ISAA poll had over 400 responses.)


 We are able to tell you that Gun Owners of America is supporting both pieces of legislation, and have been working side by side with the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance for no compromise gun legislation.
Gun owners in Idaho have made it clear what they expect from legislators, and they don’t want some watered-down gun bill that helps weak-kneed politicians at the ballot box.

If you don’t act now, they will shove YOUR Stand-Your-Ground in a desk drawer and let it collect dust.

Time is running out so don’t wait another minute!

Greg Pruett
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance

P.S. Gun grabbers, and some Republican leaders, are beginning to push back against Stand-Your-Ground in Idaho.
Despite massive support for H.B. 444, Republican leaders are telling themselves that the bill is just “too strong” for Idaho.
They are attempting to kill the bill for good.
That’s why you need to send them a message loud and clear that you won’t stand for it.
In the body of the email above, you will find a pre-written email that you can send directly to House and Senate leaders.

Thank you!