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Dear Site,The growth of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance has been truly humbling. What began is a small group of dedicated gun owners on social media, has turned into a stat

Dear Site,

The growth of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance has been truly humbling.
What began is a small group of dedicated gun owners on social media, has turned into a statewide grassroots gun rights group that continues to make gun grabber’s lives miserable.
To maintain that growth, we need your help by joining as a Liberty Member today — more on that in just a moment.
Idaho is one of the most pro-gun states in the country.
The gun owners in Idaho are dedicated to the protection of the 2nd Amendment like no other state in the country.
Gun owners are flocking to Idaho in droves.
Escaping California, Oregon, and Washington, gun owners are desperate to enjoy the 2nd Amendment freedoms that are being eroded by Bloomberg and his minions.

Idaho is the fastest growing state in the country.
While many people moving here are fleeing their communist state legislatures, we are also seeing an influx of people who want to turn Idaho into the pit they just moved from.
And that’s why it’s imperative that we continue to grow the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance into a massive powerhouse in Idaho!
We don’t want to be caught off guard like other states were.

You see, Oregon and Washington gun owners have told us they never saw the attacks coming.
They have told us that it all happened so quickly.

What both of those states lacked is a solid, no compromise, gun rights group that was ready to fight back against gun grabbers pushing unconstitutional gun control.
Idaho doesn’t lack the group to fight back.
In fact, last year the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance was the ONLY group on the ground fighting against a gun control bill in Boise.
The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Wintrow (Democrat – Boise) gave credit to Idaho Second Amendment Alliance members for the defeat of her gun control bill.
But the vote was far too close.
We defeated it by just five votes!
And we couldn’t have done that without the great members and supporters of the ISAA.

We also couldn’t have had the tremendous success we have had this year with the passage of two pro-gun bills (H.B. 199 and 206) and defeating two gun control measures (SJR101 and H.B. 276) without your help!
That’s why we need to get your immediate support for our newest and most important membership initiative we have ever launched.

We want to introduce you to the “Liberty Member” of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance!
In order to continue our growth and help our staff members continue their crucial work, we are challenging all supporters of the ISAA to become a Liberty Member.
The cost of the membership is $10 a month (minimum) and these members will be the “lifeblood” of the organization.
Your monthly membership will help cover our monthly operating expenses that allow us to keep fighting so hard for your gun rights!

And the good news is that you can become a Liberty Member for just a couple of cups of coffee a month.

As part of the benefit of being a Liberty Member, we have created a brand new specialized hat with “Liberty Member” stitched on the back.
You can wear your dedication to the 2nd Amendment in Idaho proudly everywhere you go.
The growth of this organization is because of so many awesome gun owners in Idaho.
Now we need your help once again!
Thank you for taking the time to read about this new crucial membership and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.
Your continued dedication is crucial.
For Freedom,

Greg Pruett
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance


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