Boom! Constitutional Carry Expansion Signed Into Law!

Dear Site,Gun owners can rejoice as House Bill 206, Constitutional Carry Expansion, was signed into law by Governor Brad Little on April 2nd! From the time that the original Co


Dear Site,

Gun owners can rejoice as House Bill 206, Constitutional Carry Expansion, was signed into law by Governor Brad Little on April 2nd!

From the time that the original Constitutional Carry law took effect in 2016, the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance has been fighting to remove several restrictions that were left in place.

One of those restrictions was the age limit inside city limits which was set at 21.

However, yesterday Governor Little signed HB 206 into law which will take effect on July 1st.

HB 206 simply allows 18-20-year-olds to conceal carry inside city limits with no permit, just as they can do currently outside of city limits.

As states around us (Oregon and Washington) continue to infringe on the gun rights of their citizens, Idaho stands out as a beacon of light for gun owners who seek refuge from the grasp of gun grabbers everywhere.

Bloomberg and gun grabbers from Moms Demand Action did all they could to kill HB 206, but were unsuccessful in their efforts.

However, the battle at the state level was much closer than it should have been. With your help though we were able to have an incredibly successful legislative session, which is nearing the end.

The incredible efforts of gun owners led to the following victories for Idahoans so far this year:
1. HB 206 signed into law!
2. HB 199 signed into law! This bill clears up issues with vehicle carry and expands Constitutional Carry to other deadly weapons.
3. Killed SJR 101 which had a dangerous provision that could have led to Red Flag gun seizures being implemented in Idaho.
4. Killed HB 70 which would have added yet more people to the list of those who can’t have their firearm rights restored. 

None of this is possible without the ever-growing presence of gun owners at the captiol in Boise, and your constant action on crucial legislation when it comes forward.

But we aren’t done yet!

We still have more work to do this year as Idaho finds itself fighting against Red Flag Gun Seizure laws in Congress.

Republican traitors Marco Rubio and Lindsey Graham are helping push gun control for Michael Bloomberg and his minions from Moms Demand Action.

This is no time to rest.

However, please take a few moments to enjoy a well-earned victory for gun owners in Idaho!

We would also love to have you join as a Liberty Member of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance by clicking the link here, or clicking on the image below!

The membership is just $10 a month and will help us continue to prepare for current and future battles in Idaho.

If that is simply too much right now, we also offer several other yearly membership options that are fit for your budget.

Simply click the link here for details!

From all of us here at the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance, thank you for your efforts in fighting for gun rights in Idaho!

We also want to give a special thanks to Rep. Christy Zito, Idaho’s pro-gun champion.

In addition to Rep. Zito, we want to thank former State Representative Karey Hanks, Rep. Julianne Young, all the legislators who voted for it, and for Gov. Little’s signature on the bill!

We also want to thank Gun Owners of America for their efforts the last few years in helping push this into law.

Well done everyone who helped and thank you for your efforts!

For Freedom,

Greg Pruett
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance


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