Breaking: Senator Zito Files Major Self-Defense Legislation!

Imagine walking out of your local WinCo grocery store late one evening on your way home from work, after picking up several items that your spouse asked you to grab.

As you close the trunk of your car, you turn around to see a clearly disturbed man approaching you in a threatening manner. As he closes in, this street thug draws a knife from his waist band and raises it in an attempt to harm you.

Prepared for this moment, you quickly draw your concealed handgun and aim it ‘center mass’ — while loudly telling the suspect to drop his knife and back away from you!

Your training works. The violent predator who hoped to violate an unarmed victim immediately retreats when confronted by an armed citizen, dropping his knife while fleeing the scene.   

While you reholster your handgun you notice that your hands are starting to shake from the adrenaline dump your body just experienced, making it hard to unlock your phone and call 911.

But while you give an initial report to the dispatchers, you take comfort in knowing that the parking lot has security cameras on top of the light poles, meaning your incident was captured on video and your exoneration should be simple. 

The following day, you are back at work, after having given a statement to the police and being assured that ‘everything is going to be ok’ only to be surprised by a pair of detectives who walk into your office and announce that you are under arrest for the felony crime of aggravated assault!

How the hell is this possible, you wonder to yourself? Idaho has a version of Stand-Your-Ground law! You shouldn’t be the one facing charges, it should be the guy with the knife!

Sounds like a bad dream, right?

The reality is that until gun owners plug the holes in Idaho’s self-defense laws, this nightmare could become a reality for any one of us!

You see, while Idaho does have Stand-Your-Ground law and you are not required to retreat before using reasonable force in a self-defense situation — there are no criminal immunity protections for gun owners.

Help ISAA change this law, sign your petition NOW!

And if you make the mistake of daring to defend yourself in one of Idaho’s bluer counties (like Blaine, Bannock, or Kootenai to name a few) the Prosecuting Attorney could easily indict you on felony charges!

That’s why the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance is working with gun rights champion and State Senator Christy Zito to pass legislation that would overhaul our Stand-Your-Ground law by:

1. Providing criminal immunity to gun owners who use justifiable force to stop a threat against their own life or that of an innocent third party.

People who use unjustifiable force should stand trial for it. But Idahoans who defend themselves from violent criminals shouldn’t be destroyed for it, just because a liberal prosecutor wants to advance a personal agenda.

2. Providing Idahoans with an enactment clause for Stand-Your-Ground law so that gun owners can invoke these protections BEFORE they are put through the misery of a criminal trial.

 Stand-Your-Ground laws don’t do much good for gun owners if  we can only invoke them on appeal. At that point, your reputation has been destroyed, you’re likely bankrupt from legal fees, and your family has suffered a great deal.

3. Requiring the state/county to cover the legal fees of gun owners who are found ‘Not Guilty’ in court for a justifiable use of force situation.

Surviving one of these legal attacks could last 12-24 months and could cost you every penny you have. The state knows this, and they use it to force plea deals. But requiring the state to pay your fees if you’re exonerated would make them far less likely to files charges in the first place.

When we pass this legislation, Idaho will have the best self-defense law in the nation, and law-abiding gun owners won’t have to worry about being prosecuted for the ‘crime’ of defending themselves ever again!

But first, we need to pass this legislation into law. And as ISAA members know, with the number of backstabbing RINOs in Boise exploding every year, this is going to be a fight!

That’s why I hope you’ll IMMEDIATELY sign the petition that we have prepared for you, urging your State Senator and State Representative to cosponsor Senator Zito’s legislation.


But I hope that when you complete your petition, you’ll also make a generous donation to help the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance crank up the heat on the politicians in Boise.

Your support will help us:

>>> Produce a series of the hard-hitting digital and social media ads that ISAA is known for, ensuring that every gun owner in the State of Idaho is aware of this fight and contacting their politicians!

These ads are extremely cost-efficient, allowing us to activate tens of thousands of gun owners fast.

>>> Increase the size of our email and direct mail programs to mobilize ISAA members and other gun owners! One of the main benefits of these programs is that they are uncensorable!   

And our unrivaled email program allows gun owners to put pressure on their State Representative and State Senator with just a few mouse clicks!

>>> Prepare targeted radio ad campaigns that we can unveil when needed, to crank up the heat at a moment’s notice!

 While these programs are expensive, nothing activates large numbers of gun owners quicker than a radio ad blitz. But these ads must be prepared and paid for in advance!

This program has just one purpose: to make sure that every politician in Boise knows that gun owners want them to co-sponsor and publicly champion this legislation — and that we’ll remember their actions during the upcoming primary elections!


 It shouldn’t be so hard to pass pro-gun bills in ‘Red’ Idaho, I know. But every single bill that ISAA has passed into law over the last ten years has been only after a brutal fight in the Capitol.   

And it’s going to be the same thing this year. That’s why I hope that when you complete your petition, you’ll also include a generous gift of $75 or even $100 to help us crank up the heat in Boise!

I know it’s a lot, but we are approaching a critical juncture here in Idaho with massive numbers of people moving into our state from California, Oregon, and Washington.

And if we don’t continue to push hard, we are going to see our nominally pro-gun legislature turn on gun owners and reflect the liberal values of the people who are flooding into our state!

So if $75 or $100 is not possible, please consider donating at least $50, $25 or whatever you can afford, so that we have the resources we need to fight with on your behalf.

If gun owners stand tall and fight for this legislation, we’ll send a message that Idaho still stands for freedom, and that in our state, the politicians still work for ‘We the People!’  

So please sign the petition immediately, and please make the most generous donation you can afford, as well!  

For Idaho,

Greg Pruett
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance

P.S. State Senator Christy Zito is about to unveil groundbreaking self-defense legislation that would provide criminal immunity protections to gun owners who use justifiable force in a self-defense situation!

When this legislation is passed into law, Idaho will have the best self-defense laws in the country, and gun owners won’t have to worry about being prosecuted for the crime of defending themselves.

Please sign your OFFICIAL PETITION calling on your State Representative and State Senator to cosponsor Senator Zito’s legislation right away, so we know where they stand.


And when you do, please make a generous donation of $75, $50, $25 or whatever you can afford so that the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance has the resources we need to crank up the heat on the legislature, using the program I described above!