Can We Get More Citizens to Support the 2nd Amendment?

America is at a crossroads on gun control.

The media and radicals in the Democrat Party continue to misinform and lie about guns in order to push an agenda of disarming the American people.

Each mass shooting brings new calls for gun confiscation and banning of certain firearms.

Gun owners are constantly under attack. The media and politicians in both parties are doing everything in their power to make 2020 the year that gun grabbers get what they want.

While you and I are trying to push back against these unconstitutional proposals, there are a large number of Americans in the middle of this fight that don’t know which side to take.

They are lied to by the media on a daily basis and for many of them, these lies are very persuasive.

Many of our fellow Americans are falling into a trap of believing that gun control will save lives. While we know that isn’t true, it is our job to counter the lies being spread.

That’s why I started the YouTube channel (also on GunStreamer and soon to be on Full30) called Title of Liberty Enterprises.

I wanted to show gun owners how to stand up to gun-grabbing politicians, but also show them how to talk to citizens who believe in gun control but can be flipped to our side with the truth.

On the Title of Liberty channel, we will also be helping those who believe in freedom understand how to be better activists for defending the Constitution.

We’ll have a weekly show where we discuss important issues happening and how we can change the way we do politics to get better victories in these fights.

This is a simple way for you to be involved and active in the fight.

Knowledge truly is power and we want to empower you in the fight for freedom.

So what do you need to do from here?

1. Go to the Title of Liberty YouTube channel and get Subscribed today:
(Make sure to hit the “Bell” icon to be notified of future videos that we post.)

2. Also, be sure to get signed up and follow us on GunStreamer. It’s free! This is one alternative we are on just in case YouTube takes us down. We’ll be on Full30 soon as well!

3. Be sure to check out a few of the videos we already have up to see how holding politicians accountable is done, and also how to try and win over new supporters to our side.

Thank you for helping in the cause of liberty!

You are crucial to the success of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance and we love and appreciate your continued efforts to help us grow.


Greg Pruett
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance