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Don't Give An Inch!

It’s been over a week since a madman launched a deadly attack in Las Vegas that killed and wounded hundreds of people. An Idaho man, who was at the concert, was shot in the knee and is awaiting surgery. The pictures and videos that have emerged from that night are difficult to watch and even more difficult to understand –- and compounded by the fact that we may never know

They Stood On The Victim's Bodies In Vegas!

It didn’t take them long, did it? From Hillary Clinton, to Rachel Maddow, to Congressman Mark Pocan (D-WI) and State Representative Chris Taylor (D-WI) the anti-2nd Amendment crowd wasted no time in standing on the dead bodies of the victims in Las Vegas to push their political agenda. In the wake of the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history, enemies of the Constitution are at it again. You have a

It's Time For Stand-Your-Ground In Idaho!

“Imagine the flood of emotions you’d feel hearing the words “GUILTY” ring out from a Judge’s lips. Your crime? You dared to use a firearm in self-defense against a violent criminal attacker who was attacking you and your family. After hearing the verdict, the smarmy anti-gun prosecutor cuts you a glance, smiles and mouths, “Gotcha.” Both of you knew you did nothing wrong. But he wants to appear “tough on

New ISAA Realtree Camouflage Hat! Limited Quantity!

“I can’t wait to get one of those!” That was the reaction I heard when I showed a couple members of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance our new Camouflage style hat. This is the first new hat we have released in over two years! Now, on top of the Tan and Black hats that we currently sell, we have an all new Camouflage hat(Realtree) made by our friends at Graffiti

Is Lt. Gov. Brad Little Going To Show Up?

There won’t be another event like it for Idaho’s gun owners. With Governor Butch Otter retiring next year, a new Governor will take his place. Is your candidate for Governor a solid 2nd Amendment supporter? Does your candidate intend to stand before Idaho citizens and defend his/her position on gun rights? Our Gubernatorial 2nd Amendment Forum next year is designed to give voters an up close and personal look at

Can Constitutional Carry Save Her?

Her heart is pounding. Her mind in a constant state of fear. Is she safe? Are her kids okay? This is an all too common scenario with women who are wondering whether or not their ex-boyfriend or ex-husband, who used to abuse them, is going to do something worse. Can Constitutional Carry help protect them? Yes, it can! We accomplished that feat in 2016, but there’s more to do —

Only 1 More Anti-Gun Ban...

It wasn’t long ago that every public bus system in the State of Idaho had a ban on self-defense weapons. You would think that these types of laws wouldn’t exist in one of the most gun friendly states in the country but they do. And without your help, we couldn’t fight back against them. You can help keep these battles going — and we’ll tell you how in just a

Anti-Gun Sign In Bannock County Update!

You guys did it again! This makes approximately 60 cities and counties that have updated illegal firearm ordinances or taken down anti-gun signs. This time, the change comes in Bannock County. Several weeks ago, the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance was told of an anti-gun sign at the Wellness Center Complex in Bannock County. When we contacted the county about the sign, they wanted to just cover it up when their

Are Bannock County Commissioners Anti-Gun?

Here we go again. More Idaho elected officials are trying to keep anti-gun signs in place. This time, the Bannock County Commissioners have thus far refused to take down an anti-gun sign at the Wellness Complex which is public property and ran by the County. We need your help to get the sign taken down. More on that in a second. From the time the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance started

Fight For The 2nd Amendment and Pick Up FREE Gear!

“I NEED one of those hats, my friend just got one in the mail yesterday and I simply NEED one for an upcoming family event.” So, said ISAA’s newest member when he emailed us yesterday looking to pick up his FREE ISAA Hat. In case you forgot, in celebration of Independence Day and our freedoms as American citizens, for the entire month of July ALL new ISAA memberships or renewals