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BBQ stand owner fatally shot would-be-robber in self-defense

Pasco County — When a man entered Jordon’s BBQ, a family owned restaurant near Tampa Florida, he indicated that he was there looking for work. But according to witnesses, the man began to demand money from everyone in the restaurant and implied that he was armed. When the owner of the store saw the yet unidentified man grabbing for a weapon, he drew and fired his concealed handgun, killing the suspect

81-Yr-Old Man Defends Himself & His Bedridden Sister

UNIONTOWN, PA. – For 30 years, a Pennsylvania man kept a .22 pistol on his nightstand, never knowing if he’d need to use it.   But on November 4, the moment this 81-yr-old man had prepared for back when Ronald Regan was President, came to a terrifying reality as 46-year-old Franklin Schrout broke into the man’s home, and assaulted him during a robbery attempt.   When the 81-year-old said he

Buhl, Idaho

We have an important update for Buhl residents or those who have been following the situation in Buhl, Idaho regarding their firearms ordinance. The City Council President, Mr. Higbee, has informed the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance that their ordinance has been updated. The wording regarding the discharge of firearms in city limits has been removed from the ordinance. We appreciate the city council and citizens who took an active part

Gun Rallies in Idaho

There are two gun rallies this week taking place in northern Idaho as part of our “Your Castle” tour. Now that Permitless Carry has become law, the ISAA is working on our next big bill which is an upgraded Castle Doctrine for Idahoans. We had our first rally in Mt. Home back in July and we are now moving up north to Lewiston and Bonner’s Ferry. The Lewiston rally will

Sign the Idaho Castle Doctrine Upgrade Petition Today!

The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance has launched a petition to the Idaho legislature to upgrade our Castle Doctrine. The current Castle Doctrine for Idaho is antiquated and in desperate need of an overhaul. In Idaho, if a criminal breaks into your home it does NOT mean that you are allowed to shoot him. You must prove that you felt your life, or the life of the ones you love, are

Mt. Home Removes "No Guns" From Legacy Park Sign!

While cities like Buhl fight and claw against necessary changes to their codes, other cities like Mt. Home work quickly to comply with state law. When the ISAA recently held a “Castle Doctrine” rally at Legacy Park in Mt. Home, we noticed that the sign at the park prohibited firearms. Such a prohibition violates Idaho’s preemption statute. The ISAA sent the city of Mt. Home a letter notifying them of

"Your Castle" Tour Dates Set!!!

The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance has set tour dates for the “Your Castle” tour to help promote an upgraded Castle Doctrine in Idaho. The ISAA will come to the following 5 cities over the next few months: Mt. Home: July 22nd, 2016 at Legacy Park. Start time is 6:00 p.m. Facebook Event Link Lewiston: September 23rd, 2016 at Locomotive Park. Start time is 6:00 p.m. Facebook Event Link Bonners Ferry:

ISAA Helps 2 Counties Update Firearm's Ordinances!

For several years now the ISAA has been working on a “Preemption Project” to bring all city and county codes into compliance with Idaho law and to help remove any signs which are in violation as well. In total, 45 changes have been made in 42 cities/counties! 2 of those changes just occurred recently in Washington County and Cassia County. Each of these counties had ordinances that said you could

Rally to Celebrate Permitless Carry in Idaho on July 1st!

The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance is holding a rally on July 1st, 2016 from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. to celebrate the first day of Permitless Carry in Idaho. July 1st is the first day the new law will take effect. At that time law abiding Idaho citizens who are 21 years and older can lawfully carry their firearm concealed without a permit except in certain places as specified by

3 Anti-2nd Amendment Candidates Lose in Idaho Primary Races

3 of the 4 known anti-2nd Amendment candidates who were running in the Republican Primaries yesterday (May 17th) lost their election battles. Only one candidate managed to make it through. These are the 4 races the ISAA worked in to educate voters on where these candidates stood on the 2nd Amendment. Early in the evening Rep. Maxine Bell (R-25) won her re-election bid by defeating challenger Reggy Sternes. Rep. Bell