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As it stands currently both version of Permitless Carry that have been submitted MUST be amended to be satisfactory to gun owners in Idaho. Currently the two bills that exist, House Bill 422 and House Bill 423, have issues that must be resolved or they will take rights away from one group and add an unnecessary penalty to all persons who carry a firearm. House Bill 422 raises the age

Last Wednesday and Thursday Idaho citizens were introduced to 2 separate versions of “Permitless Carry”. The first bill was introduced by Rep. Ron Nate and Rep. Heather Scott on Wednesday the 20th of January. ISAA released a Press Release the following day detailing our position on that bill. There were good things in the bill such as no “duty to inform” and no training mandates. It does expand permitless carry

For Immediate Release Boise, Idaho, Thursday, January 21, 2016 – Representatives Heather Scott (R, D1) and Ron Nate (R, D34) introduced a permitless carry” bill on January 20th, 2016. The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance (ISAA) has been working tirelessly to protect the rights of Idaho gun owners since our founding in 2012. The ISAA worked to support HB89 in the 2015 legislative session which would have enacted permitless carry in

Don’t forget about the rally with Larry Pratt (Gun Owners of America), Russ Fulcher (Former Idaho Senator), Wayne Hoffman (IFF), and ISAA President Greg Pruett on February 20th, 2016. Details are available on the Facebook Event page. The 2016 Idaho Legislative Session has begun and already the anxiety and tension around Permitless Carry has begun. When will the bill be introduced? Who are the sponsors? What will the bill do?

As the 2016 Idaho Legislative Session begins today we are excited to see what the new year brings Idahoans! For 4 years the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance has been pushing and supporting Constitutional Carry efforts across the state. This year is no different. Rep. Scott and Rep. Nate will be introducing Constitutional Carry in the first few weeks of the session and we applaud them for taking the time to

Happy New Year to all of our supporters! We are excited for 2016 and the potential we have to grow as an organization. We appreciate everything you all did for us in 2015 and we look forward to our best year yet! To start the year off we are reaching out to gun owners all across the state to mobilize with us in an effort to pass Permitless Carry and

The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance is excited to have a big lineup at the Rally for Constitutional Carry in 2016! Mr. Larry Pratt, President of the Gun Owners of America will be our keynote speaker. On a national level, the GOA represents a “no compromise” gun organization on the forefront of protecting our rights in Washington D.C. The ISAA and GOA have worked together in the past and we look

The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance’s Preemption Project is a major work in progress. Governments are slow to make adjustments to their existing ordinances and even changing signs can sometimes take months. Every few months the ISAA reaches out to cities that have not yet completed their changes to request an update. The following 5 cities have changed ordinances over the last 2 months so that their ordinances are no longer

SEE ACTION ITEM BELOW MESSAGE!!! The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance has been involved in a project we call the Preemption Project. The preemption statute in the State of Idaho prevents cities and counties from enacting ordinances or posting signage which in anyway regulates the possession of firearms. In May of 2015 several Canyon County residents inquired about a sign posted at the Canyon County DMV which says, “Please Leave Weapons

The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance will have its first ever Cyber Monday deal! Cyber Monday will take place on November 30th, 2015. The ISAA will offer its 2 Year Membership at just $30 with free shipping. The cost of this membership is normally $40. The 2 Year Membership comes with an ISAA hat, window decal, and membership card! The hats and decal are a great way to advertise for the