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The new Campus Carry law is in full effect.  Those who obtain the Enhanced Carry Permit can carry on public college campuses without fear of repercussion.  There are places on campus where students are still not allowed to carry, Enhanced Permit or not.  Some of those places include dormitories, sporting arenas, and any other facility that has a seating capacity of 1,000 or more.  There are still many unanswered questions

We hope you will join us this Thursday for an ISAA Planning Meeting.  The purpose of our meeting is to discuss what actions need to be taken on the projects we are working on.  These meetings are a great way for citizens to get involved in our organization and lend their support.  We are always looking for help on these issues and the more help we get, the more successful

We are in the process of ensuring all Idaho municipalities (counties/cities/towns) understand that Idaho’s preemption law prevents them from enacting ordinances that prevent citizens from carrying and discharging firearms for legal purposes such as self-defense.  Over the coming weeks we will be sending letters to cities/counties for which we have found such violations.  We will send a separate letter to all other municipalities reminding them of the law in hopes