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Here is a couple sample emails you can send. The first is for Speaker Bedke and Chairman Loertscher and the second email is for your own Representatives: Dear Speaker Bedke and Chairman Loertscher I agree with Gun Owners of America that HB 89 is one of the most important bills in the Idaho legislature right now. But from what I’m hearing, there are no plans on your part to move

House Republicans are continuing to stall House Bill 89. They are using every excuse in the book to claim that they can’t let it go to a full hearing. Thousands of Idaho citizens across the state are asking for a full hearing and house floor vote on HB 89, Constitutional Carry. Please call/email Chairman Loertscher at 332-1183 and [email protected] Please call/email Speaker Bedke at 332-1111 and [email protected] Tell them you

The Idaho Freedom Foundation has rated Senate Bill 1090 as a -1 on their Freedom Index Score. If you remember, the Idaho Freedom Foundation rated House Bill 89 as a +5 on their Freedom Index Score. The values of these ratings cannot be underestimated. These analysis are done to show Idaho citizens how much a bill does or does not improve individual freedom and liberty. They are an excellent way

After careful research and receiving input from its members and supporters, the ISAA Board of Directors has voted unanimously to oppose House Bill 32. The preamble of HB32’s Statement of Purpose gives a background that it has been about 10 years since the last fee increase. However, the real reason stated is that the Fish and Game is “encouraging” citizens to buy licenses every year. What HB32 really does is

Several years ago the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance obtained nearly 3,000 signatures in support of Constitutional Carry. We told legislators about our efforts but the ones we contacted had no interest in getting Constitutional Carry for Idaho. The citizens of Idaho were ignored. We want to let the legislators know that we are not giving up and it isn’t just a couple thousand people that support it, it’s 10’s of

The ISAA is announcing a new list that will help Idaho citizens identify elected officials who have broken their oath to defend the 2nd Amendment (part of the U.S. Constitution) or have spoken out against the 2nd Amendment and bills that support it. The first names to be added to the list are: Gary Rainey: Sheriff of Ada County Amy Evans: CDA City Council Ron Edinger: CDA City Council Kiki

We are excited to announce that the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance will hold a rally next year, during the legislative session, in an effort to encourage the Idaho legislature to pass Constitutional Carry. The date of the rally will be February 21st, 2015 (Saturday). Details of the rally will continue to come forth as the date draws nearer but we plan on marching again this year as we did in

The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance notes with concern the recent multiple day suspension of a 7 year old second grade student for bringing a toy to school. The reason for the suspension appears to be that the toy was in the shape of a gun. Middleton School District Policy 541 states “Disciplinary action will be taken after reviewing all factors, including, but not limited to, the mandates of federal and

The time is fast approaching where Idaho may not have enough liberty minded legislators to pass some of the best pro-gun legislation in the country. Slowly and surely the progressive left is moving into our beautiful state and with them a desire to change Idaho’s laws to be the same as the state they just left. We do not know how much longer we have before it is too late