Preemption Project

Breaking! Contact Lewiston City Council Now!

The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance has been working with Councilman Ryan Johnson of Lewiston to remove the illegal ban of firearms on their city buses. Councilman Johnson has been going back and forth with the city attorney who is attempting to do everything she can to keep the ban in place. She is deliberately trying to skirt Idaho law!   You can read one of her emails below and how

Idaho Bus Bans Being Defeated!

I can’t believe what I am seeing right now. It was just a few weeks ago that citizens from several different cities told us about gun bans on Idaho buses in the Treasure Valley, Pocatello, and other cities. (This sign, from a Valley Ride Transit bus, has since been removed.) Several of those bans have been defeated! The battles aren’t over yet though. We need your help — more on

Idaho Gun Owners Are Victorious!

A quick update from our Preemption Project fight. Through the efforts of gun owners, several municipalities have agreed to make changes to their ordinances! There are more battles to fight and we’ll need your help yet again. More on that in a minute. It was just last week that we first told you about the City of New Plymouth and their previous refusal to change their firearm ordinance, and bring

Mt. Home Removes "No Guns" From Legacy Park Sign!

While cities like Buhl fight and claw against necessary changes to their codes, other cities like Mt. Home work quickly to comply with state law. When the ISAA recently held a “Castle Doctrine” rally at Legacy Park in Mt. Home, we noticed that the sign at the park prohibited firearms. Such a prohibition violates Idaho’s preemption statute. The ISAA sent the city of Mt. Home a letter notifying them of

ISAA Helps 2 Counties Update Firearm's Ordinances!

For several years now the ISAA has been working on a “Preemption Project” to bring all city and county codes into compliance with Idaho law and to help remove any signs which are in violation as well. In total, 45 changes have been made in 42 cities/counties! 2 of those changes just occurred recently in Washington County and Cassia County. Each of these counties had ordinances that said you could

The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance on Monday (Feb. 8th) turned in another pro-gun bill designed to strengthen Idaho’s Preemption statute. It was turned into the House and submitted to the House State Affairs Committee where gun bills are usually routed. The bill is designed to help protect Idaho’s gun owners from municipalities and state agencies who are seeking to undermine your 2nd Amendment rights. There should be no opposition to

The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance’s Preemption Project is a major work in progress. Governments are slow to make adjustments to their existing ordinances and even changing signs can sometimes take months. Every few months the ISAA reaches out to cities that have not yet completed their changes to request an update. The following 5 cities have changed ordinances over the last 2 months so that their ordinances are no longer

SEE ACTION ITEM BELOW MESSAGE!!! The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance has been involved in a project we call the Preemption Project. The preemption statute in the State of Idaho prevents cities and counties from enacting ordinances or posting signage which in anyway regulates the possession of firearms. In May of 2015 several Canyon County residents inquired about a sign posted at the Canyon County DMV which says, “Please Leave Weapons

In recent months the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance has been working with the cities of Middleton and Rupert to get changes made to their firearms ordinances which were outdated and out of compliance with Idaho’s preemption statute. The City of Middleton had an ordinance which prohibited firearms in city parks. The mayor and city council had recently made changes to the entire city code and had left the ordinance banning