State Legislation

Co-Sponsors for Castle Doctrine Growing!

The list of legislators for Co-Sponsoring Castle Doctrine continues to grow. This legislation is going to be a tough battle and we need as many citizens as possible to reach out to their legislators and ask them to co-sponsor this important bill! Are your legislators on the list of co-sponsors? We’ll get to that in just a minute. As a quick refresher, the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance is pushing a

Chairman Loertscher Killing Castle Doctrine in Idaho!

The man just can’t help himself. Chairman Loertscher (R-32) — who killed Constitutional Carry for several years — is at it again. He is killing Castle Doctrine for Idaho! This is the 2nd pro-gun bill he is refusing to hear just this year. Rep. Christy Zito (R-23), who is sponsoring the Castle Doctrine bill, has done everything that was asked of her by the Chairman. She jumped through all the

Emergency Notice: Protest Tomorrow Morning

They are doing it again! We have just been informed that a gun bill will be introduced tomorrow (February 1st) at 9:30 a.m. The bill is being carried by Rep. Don Cheatham (Republican-District 3). The bill he is putting forward will give military members, who are not-residents, the ability to carry handguns concealed inside city limits. The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance is NOT opposed to that concept but it doesn’t

Idaho's Secret Gun Committee Strikes Again

A new year, the same old tactics. Chairman Tom Loertscher (R-32), of the House State Affairs Committee, is once again blocking pro-gun bills. Chairman Loertscher, who appears to do whatever the Secret Gun Committee tells him to do, is up to his old tricks. You can help fight back against the suppression of the people’s voice — and we’ll tell you how in just a few minutes. For those who

Urgent Call to Action!

They’re at it again! As I write this, powerful members of the Idaho House are doing everything they can to stall pro-gun bills. Rep. Karey Hanks — Republican-District 35 — is seeking to expand Constitutional Carry to all law-abiding citizens 21 and over. Rep. Hanks needs your immediate support and we’ll tell you how in just a second. As a reminder, Constitutional Carry was passed just last year. That means

Two Gun Bills Filed

Yesterday, two gun bills were filed in the Idaho legislature that gun owners will be excited about! The session is only in its 2nd week and we are already on the move. It’s time for you to stand and fight with us. We’ll tell you how in a few minutes. First, we want to tell you about the two bills that were filed. The biggest bill, and the one we

Idaho Legislative Session Underway!

The battle for a new Castle Doctrine in Idaho is underway! We know that many of you are excited for this new battle after last year’s victory with Constitutional Carry, and we are too. It’s going to take all of us, standing together, to make this year’s gun rights battle a victory as well. We all remember what it took to get Constitutional Carry law passed. It was the hard

Sign the Idaho Castle Doctrine Upgrade Petition Today!

The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance has launched a petition to the Idaho legislature to upgrade our Castle Doctrine. The current Castle Doctrine for Idaho is antiquated and in desperate need of an overhaul. In Idaho, if a criminal breaks into your home it does NOT mean that you are allowed to shoot him. You must prove that you felt your life, or the life of the ones you love, are

3 Anti-2nd Amendment Candidates Lose in Idaho Primary Races

3 of the 4 known anti-2nd Amendment candidates who were running in the Republican Primaries yesterday (May 17th) lost their election battles. Only one candidate managed to make it through. These are the 4 races the ISAA worked in to educate voters on where these candidates stood on the 2nd Amendment. Early in the evening Rep. Maxine Bell (R-25) won her re-election bid by defeating challenger Reggy Sternes. Rep. Bell

Reggy Sternes to Challenge Rep. Maxine Bell (R-25)

Reggy Sternes is challenging Rep. Maxine Bell in District 25 in the Republican Primary for Seat A on May 17th. To be sure you remember, Rep. Maxine Bell is one of 4 Republicans to vote against Permitless/Constitutional Carry (SB 1389) during the 2016 Idaho legislative session. Instead of voting to protect gun rights, she has chosen to vote against them by siding with Michael Bloomberg and Moms Demand Action. She