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ISAA Legislative Survey Results Are In!

The election season is in full force, and every legislative candidate has been surveyed. The results of those surveys are in, and it’s your opportunity to see if your candidate answered our survey, and find out if they did so with 100% pro-gun answers. We’ll get to the results in a moment. Gun grabbers have mobilized across Idaho ladies and gentlemen! From Sandpoint, to Boise, to Pocatello, gun grabbers are

2018 Idaho Legislative ISAA Survey Results

The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance conducts a survey for legislative candidates (Representative and Senator) each election cycle to determine where they stand on specific issues as it relates to the 2nd Amendment. Questions are generally derived from specific state legislation we are seeking to implement or oppose but some are broader in nature. This post will contain several key elements: The questions themselves will be listed. There will be a

Bloomberg Group In Idaho Caught Lying! Watch!

You won’t believe what Moms Demand Action in Idaho is saying about your gun rights. While gun grabbers continue to mobilize across the state, we must make our stand at the ballot box. We’ll tell you how you can help in just a second. 2018 has been a wild year for gun owners across the country. Several shootings from last year, as well as the Parkland shooting this year, have

Rally for the 2nd Amendment in Idaho!

“We have one chance to pull this off.” That was my message to our Board Members when the discussion of a 2nd Amendment rally came up in a recent phone call. The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance has announced a “Rally for the 2nd Amendment,” and we’ll get to the details in just a moment. There is no doubt that the current political climate favors the radical left and gun grabbers.

Kids Protesting Your Gun Rights In Idaho!

What we witnessed yesterday wasn’t a grassroots movement. Bloomberg and leftist propaganda groups are mobilized across the country against your gun rights. You must stand up now, and prepare for the real fight — the 2018 elections. We’ll tell you how in just a moment. Yesterday, thousands of high school kids across the country walked out of their classrooms to protest “gun violence,” including right here in Idaho. (High school

Chairman Loertscher Should Apologize!

“I can’t believe Loertscher would stoop so low!” That was just one of the many angry comments we read recently about Chairman Loertscher’s recent decision to cancel the hearing for H.B. 444. Now is the time for you to fight back, and we’ll tell you how in just a moment. It was a deliberate attempt by Chairman Loertscher to silence a citizen who wanted to speak out about the injustice

Chairman Loertscher Cancels H.B. 444 Hearing!

We didn’t think Chairman Tom Loertscher could stoop any lower, but he managed to find a way. After gun owners stepped up big time to fly in a special witness to testify for H.B. 444, Chairman Loertscher canceled the hearing! It’s time to demand an apology from Chairman Loertscher — more on that in a moment. The brave woman who came down from Sandpoint has a story that all Idahoans should

H.B. 444 Stand-Your-Ground Hearing On Tuesday!

The day that gun grabbers have feared is finally here. Bloomberg, Moms Demand Action, and government entities have done everything they can to kill H.B. 444, Stand-Your-Ground. Your grassroots activism and pressure is paying off. According to our sources, real Stand-Your-Ground (H.B. 444) is going to have a hearing at 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday, March 6th. However, before that day, we need your help in a major way — more

Oppose House Bill 585! Immediate Action Alert!

The Democrats in Boise are trying to pass a domestic gun ban TODAY. They are attempting to pass another gun law where a Federal one already exists. You have to tell the House Judiciary and Rules Committee to oppose House Bill 585! More on that in a second. Democrats across the United States are trying to get any gun ban in that they can while the iron is hot. And

Stand-Your-Ground Hearing Voted Down In House State Affairs Committee!

It was a brave move by Rep. Christy Zito. Her attempt to force a vote on Stand-Your-Ground in the House State Affairs Committee was a long shot, but she did it for you! What happened yesterday and how can you help fight back? More on that in just a moment. What transpired yesterday left no doubt in our minds that gun grabbers, establishment politicians, and even some gun groups fear