State Legislation

Watered-Down Stand-Your-Ground Bill Has Public Hearing Tomorrow!

We knew this day was coming. Despite hundreds, even thousands of phone calls and emails, the establishment is moving forward with their plan to pass a “gun bill” that won’t actually improve our self-defense laws. You need to let them know you expect and demand better — more on that in a second. The hearing for Senate Bill 1313 is tomorrow and we need you to make your voice heard

Contact Two Chairmen Right Away!

Time is quickly running out on the 2018 legislative session. Currently, Chairmen in the Senate and House are debating on whether or not they are going to give real pro-gun bills a public hearing. Your emails and phone calls may tip the scales in our favor! That’s why we need you to act right away — more on that in a second. As we speak, both the Stand-Your-Ground Bill (H.B.

Hearing Tomorrow for Constitutional Carry Expansion in Idaho!

We have breaking news regarding another very important gun bill that has a hearing tomorrow morning! It’s another great pro-gun bill that is sure to get the Bloomberg Moms whipped into a frenzy. You need to contact the Senate State Affairs Committee IMMEDIATELY and tell them to support the RS25769! More on that in just a moment. When Idaho passed Constitutional Carry in 2016, the law created a web of

Alert! Republican Leaders Trying to Kill Real Stand-Your-Ground in Idaho?

We’ve got breaking news regarding Stand-Your-Ground in Idaho. Insiders tell us that Republican leaders in Boise are working hard behind the scenes to kill Stand-Your-Ground (H.B. 444,) and push a watered down “gun bill” instead. If you don’t want Republicans in Boise to join with Democrats and Bloomberg to kill this legislation, then you need to act IMMEDIATELY! More on that in just a second. As H.B. 444 began to

Tell Our Legislators To Support H.B. 444 (Stand-Your-Ground)!

Gun grabbers have officially mobilized against Stand-Your-Ground in Idaho. We knew there would be a fight to pass this crucial piece of legislation, and now that fight is in full swing. Just this morning, Bloomberg’s minions from Mom’s Demand Action assembled in Boise to spread lies about H.B. 444, the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance’s Stand-Your-Ground proposal. It’s up to you and me to counter their lies, and send a clear

Stand-Your-Ground Passes Print Hearing!

Your efforts have paid off! After numerous phone calls and emails for the House State Affairs Committee to move Stand-Your-Ground to a full hearing, they heard your voice, and the bill will now be sent forward for a full, public hearing. We want to thank Gun Owners of America for working with us to reach Idahoans all across the state to take action for Stand-Your-Ground in Idaho! Without your help,

Stand-Your-Ground Hearing Tomorrow! Week 3 Session Video Recap!

The third week of session brought us the most exciting news yet, a “print hearing” scheduled for TOMORROW morning at 9:30 a.m. at the captiol in Boise for Stand-Your-Ground! We need you to show up tomorrow and show your support for Rep. Zito and our attorney, Alexandria Kincaid, as they make their case to the House State Affairs Committee for better self-defense laws in Idaho. Tomorrow’s vote is the first

Contact House State Affairs Committee Immediately for Stand-Your-Ground Vote!

This is an immediate action alert on an important pro-gun bill that will be introduced in committee next Monday morning (January 29th)! Your hard work has paid off, and we are finally getting a “print hearing” for the Stand-Your-Ground bill you have been fighting for since the session started. Your help is still needed to get it to a full public hearing — more on that in a second. The

Week 2 Session Video Recap!

The second week of the 2018 Idaho Legislative Session is in the books. Representative Zito’s Stand-Your-Ground bill has been given an RS # of 25747. I had the opportunity to meet with her this week to finalize the bill and help her start gathering cosponsors. We are excited to announce that we already have 12 cosponsors for this monumental piece of legislation and next week we’ll need your help to

Week 1 Session Video Recap!

The first week of the 2018 Idaho Legislative Session is in the books. The important Stand-Your-Ground legislation that is being sponsored by Rep. Christy Zito (R-23) has been drafted and submitted to Legislative Services to be put into “bill” form. There is a lot of work to do. Next week we anticipate the intensity of the session will kick into full gear, and we’ll begin a hard fought battle for