Chairman Loertscher Cancels H.B. 444 Hearing!

We didn’t think Chairman Tom Loertscher could stoop any lower, but he managed to find a way.
After gun owners stepped up big time to fly in a special witness to testify for H.B. 444, Chairman Loertscher canceled the hearing!

It’s time to demand an apology from Chairman Loertscher — more on that in a moment.

The brave woman who came down from Sandpoint has a story that all Idahoans should hear, and Loertscher KNEW that she was coming, and still canceled the hearing so she is unable to testify.

On top of blocking gun bills every year, he is now silencing Idahoans voices in the most cruel way possible.

ISAA President Greg Pruett and Rep. Christy Zito, the sponsor for H.B. 444, picked up Mrs. Anderson at the airport late yesterday evening, and they broke the news that Chairman Loertscher had hosed gun owners once again.


  (Rep. Christy Zito on the left and Mrs. LeAnn Anderson on the right.)
First, a big thank you to the gun owners who stepped up big time and helped cover the expenses (flight, food, rental car, etc.) to get Mrs. Anderson to Boise.
Second, we need you to contact Chairman Tom Loertscher and tell him to apologize to Mrs. Anderson by using the pre-written email link below.

          Email Chairman Tom Loertscher here!

Or you can copy his email address below and send him your own personal letter.

Chairman Tom Loertscher: [email protected]


Because Tom Loertscher is trying to silence Mrs. Anderson and her husband’s story, the ISAA is going to sit down with LeAnn and our attorney, Alexandria Kincaid, and record her story for everyone to share!

It will take some time to record and prep the videos, but we know you will be shocked at her story!

We will keep you all informed on whether or not S.B. 1313 will still have a hearing, but for now please make sure to contact Chairman Loertscher and tell him to apologize!