Changes to Middleton and Rupert Ordinances!

In recent months the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance has been working with the cities of Middleton and Rupert to get changes made to their firearms ordinances which were outdated and out of compliance with Idaho’s preemption statute.

The City of Middleton had an ordinance which prohibited firearms in city parks. The mayor and city council had recently made changes to the entire city code and had left the ordinance banning firearms in their parks. ISAA President spoke with Mayor Darin Taylor regarding the issue. “I spoke with the Mayor about the ordinance and he assured us it would be removed immediately and had accidently been left in during the code overhaul earlier in the year” Pruett said. The code has since been removed and Middleton is now in compliance with state law.

The City of Rupert also has an ordinance which prohibited the carrying of firearms in city parks which is a violation of Idaho law. The city had its first reading to change the ordinance on 9/22/2015 and will do a final and third reading in late October.

Dozens of cities have now changed ordinances and/or taken down signs that were in violation of state law. We ask that all citizens keep an eye out for other violations of the preemption statute.