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Dear Site,Michael Bloomberg and his anti-gun radicals in the U.S. Senate are looking to ram “Red Flag Gun Seizures,” such as Senate Bill 7, into law.Unfortunately, they have Fl

Dear Site,

Michael Bloomberg and his anti-gun radicals in the U.S. Senate are looking to ram “Red Flag Gun Seizures,” such as Senate Bill 7, into law.

Unfortunately, they have Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio and South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham helping them to make it happen.  In fact, Marco Rubio is the lead sponsor of Senate Bill 7! 

Behind the scenes, Sen. Graham (R) is working with Sen. Blumenthal (D) on another version of Red Flag laws.

Gun owners and Second Amendment supporters must rise up and come together in urging President Donald Trump to publicly OPPOSE and promise to VETO “Red Flag Gun Seizures” (Senate Bill 7) or any other piece of legislation that includes “Red Flags”.

Please sign the petition today urging President Donald Trump to veto and publicly oppose any and all forms of Red Flag laws!  

‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation would allow anti-gun judges to order your firearms to be seized before you have been charged, indicted, or convicted of ANYTHING!  The complaint can come from an angry neighbor, an embittered ex-spouse, a former boyfriend/girlfriend and more.

And the hearing to determine whether or not you lose your gun rights is conducted ex-parte, meaning you are not even there to defend your name!

This bill destroys the American ideal of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ and obliterates your due process rights!

Our friends with the American Firearms Coalition are trying to reach 100,000 petitions to be delivered to the White House next month. I intend to help deliver them personally if circumstances allow!

So, be sure to sign your petition right away urging President Trump to veto and oppose ALL Red Flag legislation that comes his way

Time is crucial in getting President Trump these petitions. 

With Red Flag laws on the march all across the country right now, it is up to you and I to take a stand and ensure that President Trump knows exactly how grassroots gun owners feel about Red Flag laws! 

Thank you for your hard work in defending the 2nd Amendment.

For Freedom,

Greg Pruett
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance

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