Contact Two Chairmen Right Away!

Time is quickly running out on the 2018 legislative session.

Currently, Chairmen in the Senate and House are debating on whether or not they are going to give real pro-gun bills a public hearing.

Your emails and phone calls may tip the scales in our favor!

That’s why we need you to act right away — more on that in a second.

As we speak, both the Stand-Your-Ground Bill (H.B. 444) and Constitutional Carry Expansion Bill (S.B. 1297) are under intense pressure from establishment politicians in Boise, who don’t want them to see the light of day.

The Stand-Your-Ground bill (H.B. 444), which has over 7,000 petitions sitting in the capitol right now, is currently being stalled by Chairman Tom Loertscher.

You may remember that name because it is the same Chairman that has been blocking your gun bills for years now.

He blocked Constitutional Carry for years.

He blocked Stand-Your-Ground last year.

He blocked the Constitutional Carry expansion bill last year.

What’s his excuse this year?

Nothing more than the usual establishment excuses for blocking gun bills.

“The language isn’t right.”

“This bill doesn’t do what you think it does.”

“We have something better coming later on.”

What could possibly be better than H.B. 444, that already provides the best protections for Idahoans as possible?

You see, what they are really trying to tell you is that they are working on different legislation that won’t provide many of the protections that H.B. 444 does.

The politicians in Boise don’t want better protections for you and your family.

They think the current laws are sufficient, which we have shown time and again they are not!

So they will come up with a watered-down bill, and attempt to pass it so they can get on the campaign trail in a few months, and tell people they did everything they could for your gun rights.

You can’t stand for this treachery any longer.

You must fight back!

We have several pre-written emails for you below, that demands public hearings for both these bills.

The first email will go to Chairman Tom Loertscher, and insists that H.B. 444 receive a public hearing!

Email Tom Loertscher by clicking here!

After you have emailed Chairman Loertscher, please call him at his office and request that he give H.B. 444 an immediate public hearing.

Chairman Tom Loertscher: 208-332-1183

An additional bill that gun owners are asking a public hearing for is Senate Bill 1297 — Constitutional Carry Expansion.

This bill helps streamline our law and removes the requirement that you have to be a resident of Idaho to simply carry your handgun inside of city limits without a permit.

Remember that CURRENT law already allows non-residents to carry their handguns without a permit outside of city limits, and it also allows them to carry their rifles anywhere in the state without a permit.

The simplicity of S.B. 1297 is that in moves us further in line with the 2nd Amendment.

You have a right to “bear” arms, meaning to carry your firearm, without infringement.

We have removed this absurd barrier for Idaho residents, and it’s time we remove it for all law-abiding citizens.

Only three of the thirteen states that have Constitutional Carry require “residency.” It’s embarrassing that a “gun friendly” state like Idaho treats other citizens like they are second class.

We have written an email for you to Chairman Jeff Siddoway that requests he put S.B. 1297 on the docket for a full public hearing. That email link is below.

Email Chairman Jeff Siddoway by clicking here!

Next, be sure to call Chairman Siddoway and request that he give the bill a public hearing!

Chairman Jeff Siddoway: 208-332-1342

Once you have made those two important emails and phone calls, we need your help mobilizing gun owners across Idaho to help in this fight.

If you can, please consider a dontation of $100, $50, or $25 today to help us push these important pieces of legislation forward.

Time is quickly running out on the legislative session.

Your action today is crucial!

Seth Rosquist
Chairman of the Board
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance

P.S. Two huge pro-gun bills are currently under pressure from gun grabbers and establishment Republicans to be stuffed in a desk drawer.

You can’t let that happen!

In the body of the email above you will find two different Chairmen who have two different gun bills.

The Stand-Your-Ground bill, H.B. 444, and the Constitutional Carry Expansion bill, S.B. 1297, are awaiting their public hearings but the Chairman need to hear from you.

Contact them both immediately and then if possible, please consider a donation of $100, $50, or $25 today to help us mobilize more gun owners across Idaho for this crucial fight!