Councilman Frey of Emmett Loses!!!

The voters of Emmett have spoken loud and clear. They do not want anti-2nd Amendment candidates on their city council! Councilman Stephen Frey has long made clear his disdain for gun owners and made votes against the 2nd Amendment. He paid the price for it yesterday.

The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance played a crucial role in ousting Mr. Frey. We distributed hundreds of fliers all over the city to inform voters of Mr. Frey’s anti-2nd Amendment stances. We want to thank our volunteers for their efforts in getting those fliers out.

Here are the final results from the election last night:

Tona Henderson-384 Votes

Michael Stout-371 Votes

Shawn Alder-314 Votes

Stephen Joyner-271 Votes

John Sanuy-231 Votes

Stephen Frey (Anti-2A)-129 Votes

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Stephen Frey loses his re-election bid!

Stephen Frey loses his re-election bid!