Do Kids Care About the 2nd Amendment?

Dear Site,America has changed in the last few decades. Each new decade seems to bring fewer and fewer youth enjoying the great outdoors. Whether it is shooting, hunting, hiking

Dear Site,

America has changed in the last few decades. 

Each new decade seems to bring fewer and fewer youth enjoying the great outdoors. Whether it is shooting, hunting, hiking, or fishing, our kids are quickly losing interest in the beauty of our country.

Radical leftists are doing everything they can to turn our kids into socialist zombies who don’t enjoy gun rights and the outdoors. 

That’s why your involvement in the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance is so crucial

Do we not fight day and night to protect the 2nd Amendment for our children? Aren’t they the reason we go to the capitol, rally, email and call our elected officials? 

They are the future.

As we enter the summer months, let us make sure we have dedicated ourselves to encouraging our kids to enjoy the great outdoors here in Idaho, especially taking them out to the range. 

Take your kids shooting, hunting, hiking, fishing, or some other activity they enjoy

For instance, my older sons and I go hiking and they have even started their own YouTube channel to encourage other kids to go hiking!

In fact, I would ask a special favor from all of our ISAA supporters. Please go and Subscribe to our son’s, “Bear Tooth Pruett” and “Little Wolf Pruett’s” hiking YouTube channel today! You can also click on the image below to Subscribe!

Whatever your kids or your grandkids like to do outdoors, let’s encourage more of it this summer!

Our goal is to protect the freedoms we enjoy so that those freedoms exist far into the future. 

That’s why in addition to taking my kids hiking and camping, we also shoot guns and they volunteer to help with work for the ISAA. I want them to understand at a young age why the 2nd Amendment is so important.

Finally, I would challenge you to become a member of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance today!

If you are already a member, then thank you from all of us at the ISAA.  

We have great things in store for the remainder of the year and we look forward to working with you.

For Freedom,

Greg Pruett
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance


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