Emergency Action Alert for Stand-Your-Ground Expansion!

As we mentioned before, there’s never an easy legislative session for gun owners in Idaho.

Gun bills should be a slam dunk in this state. Sadly, there’s always roadblocks in the capitol by Republicans who don’t understand that we are in a major battle in Idaho and we have to push harder and harder for liberty.

This year, gun owners have been fighting for SB 1004, Stand-Your-Ground expansion, introduced earlier this year by State Senator Scott Herndon (R-1).

SB 1004 will ensure gun owners can invoke Stand-Your-Ground within 14 days of being jailed, rather than sitting in a jail for months on end because a George Sorors-backed prosecutor hates gun owners.

We don’t want Idahoans to get the Kyle Rittenhouse treatment. SB 1004 helps stop that.

Additionally, SB 1004 will allow a judge to award attorney’s fees if the jury finds you “not guilty by reason of self-defense.”

Over 30 legislators have already signed on as cosponsors to Stand-Your-Ground expansion. That’s nearly 1/3 of the Idaho legislature!

However, the bill is currently in the State Affairs Committee in the Idaho Senate waiting for a public hearing.

Recently, ISAA Political Director Christy Zito met with the Chairman of the Senate State Affairs Committee, Sen. Jim Guthrie (R-McCammon).

Christy told me that Guthrie is wavering on whether to give the bill a public hearing. She told me that she is meeting with Sen. Guthrie again next Monday.

In the meantime, we want to make sure gun owners contact Sen. Guthrie to encourage him to hold a public hearing immediately on SB 1004.

You can copy Sen. Guthrie’s email below and simply tell him, “Please give SB 1004 a public hearing so we can have an open debate on Stand-Your-Ground expansion.”

[email protected].

Too many bills are held back and never see the public debate.

Rather than bills dying behind the scenes, I feel it is much better to have these discussions in public. The public deserves to know why a bill will die or pass.

Time is running out in the 2023 Idaho legislative session.

So, sending your email to Sen. Guthrie is a must. He needs to know how important this bill is to gun owners.

After you have done that, be sure to once again encourage your legislators to co-sponsor Stand-Your-Ground expansion!


Finally, please consider joining the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance if you haven’t done so already

The only reason we have had a decade of success is because of Idaho’s incredible gun owners. You are the ISAA.

Christy and I have been working hard at the capitol to get support for SB 1004.

Now SB 1004 needs your help!

For Idaho,

Greg Pruett
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance