Emergency Alert! Tell Little/Legislators to Act Now!

With the Idaho Supreme Court’s decision to gut the 2nd Amendment in Idaho, the time to act is now!

Gov. Little and the Idaho legislature should immediately convene in Boise to address Idaho’s firearm preemption statute, which the ISC ignored.


Summer events are kicking off all across the state of Idaho, and the creation of gun-free zones by the Idaho Supreme Court may cause massive amounts of chaos.

This issue is a great way to find out just how dedicated your lawmakers and governor are to protecting the 2nd Amendment, so contact them immediately

If you haven’t already watched and shared our video covering this critical issue, be sure to do so right away.


You can read more about what happened with the Idaho Supreme Court in the original email below.

— Greg

Idaho is not the safe haven for gun owners that you thought it was.

If you just arrived here from communist California, Washington, or Oregon, thinking the 2nd Amendment was respected here, you were wrong.

In a stunning 5-0 decision by the Idaho Supreme Court, they determined that public property leased to a private party can be made into a gun-free zone.

There are several silver-linings in this decision, and we’ll get to those in a moment. 

Idaho has had a firearm preemption statute for over a decade now. The statute prohibits cities and counties from banning firearms on public property.

The whole purpose of the law is to ensure that gun owners can exercise their 2nd Amendment rights in public, and that the law remains uniform throughout the state.

However, that all changed with today’s Idaho Supreme Court decision. We can no longer tell you in good faith where you can and can’t carry, because we have no idea who has “leased” public property, permanent or temporarily, to a private party.

Idaho’s firearm preemption law is essentially null and void.

Nothing will stop Mayor McLean in Boise from “leasing” all of the city’s public parks to a private organization to run.

That private organization can then ban firearms throughout the city.

What is to stop your county fair from “leasing” the fairgrounds to a private party, who can then ban firearms? Nothing!

What if the county fairgrounds’ officials hire private security to run the entrances of the fairgrounds? What if the entrances are “leased”?

According to the Idaho Supreme Court, they can ban your firearms on public property because it isn’t the county doing it, it’s the “private” security firm.

We can’t in good faith tell you right now whether you can or can’t carry at any public place in Idaho because we have no idea who has a lease to a private organization and who doesn’t, or for how long those leases are for.

Carrying a firearm on public property in Idaho is now done at your own peril.



The Idaho Supreme Court has opened Pandora’s box in favor of the gun-grabbing radical left. They have taken one of Idaho’s most critical and cherished rights and thrown it out the window.

So, what does this mean for Idahoans?

  • First, we hope that you are now concerned with who is on the Idaho Supreme Court because it obviously matters. We have to pay attention to who is running to uphold our laws at the highest level, and this case should be the catalyst for you getting involved.
  • Second, Idaho’s justices are ELECTED. That means that at some point each of them will have to run for their position again. Gun owners will get to decide if this anti-gun decision by Idaho’s highest court is meaningful at election time or not.
  • Finally, this means gun owners have a massive and urgent fight to do at the next Idaho legislative session.

Idaho’s firearm preemption law is gone, and it’s up to gun owners to demand that the state legislature fix the mess the Idaho Supreme Court has left with its awful decision.

Some gun owners had asked why we took this case all the way to the ISC, and the three reasons above are the reasons I stated all along.

There is always a risk that you lose in court, especially when Idahoans haven’t really cared about who is running for the ISC.

We have now exposed exactly who the justices are when it comes to the 2nd Amendment.

But, we also know that had we tried additional cases based on what we felt was a great firearm preemption law, we would have lost many more cases.

Now, with the ISC’s anti-gun decision in full force, we can go back to the drawing board with the legislature to get this fixed immediately.

I would argue that an emergency session would be in order given all of the events that are taking place in the next few weeks.

This decision could cause absolute chaos across Idaho this summer. Gun owners should seek legal advice if you are told that you can’t carry at an event on public property because right now, the ISAA has no answers for you.

And even more surprising in this decision by the ISC, is that not one justice dissented and stood up for gun owners.


Now is the time to get in this fight more than you ever have before by joining the ISAA today!


The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance needs to rally gun owners across the state, immediately!

We need to hit the airwaves, social media, do rallies, and so much more to get gun owners in this fight to correct what the Idaho Supreme Court has done.

So, if you can afford $500, $250, or $125 to help us mobilize more gun owners in Idaho, that would be greatly appreciated!

However, if those amounts are too much, and you can do $75, $50, or even just $10 today, that is also a huge boost to our fight.


Gun owners don’t back down, especially in Idaho.

The Idaho Supreme Court’s anti-gun decision will wake up a sleeping bear. Gun owners know there isn’t anywhere else to go.

Idaho is the last stand.

Join the ISAA today, if you haven’t already, and stand with us


Thank you to all our supporters, donors, and those who are going to be joining and donating to save the 2nd Amendment in Idaho.

God bless you all, and we look forward to fighting alongside you!

For Idaho,

Greg Pruett
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance