Fight For The 2nd Amendment and Pick Up FREE Gear!

“I NEED one of those hats, my friend just got one in the mail yesterday and I simply NEED one for an upcoming family event.”

So, said ISAA’s newest member when he emailed us yesterday looking to pick up his FREE ISAA Hat.

In case you forgot, in celebration of Independence Day and our freedoms as American citizens, for the entire month of July ALL new ISAA memberships or renewals of $35 or more come with a FREE Hat and membership decal!

The Idaho Second Amendment alliance is not like many organizations that work in the Capitol.

We don’t beg politicians for our rights, we don’t worry about getting ‘selfies’ with our favorite politician after hours in a nearby restaurant — and we never betray our members in order to maintain friendships at the Capitol.

We exist to expose gun control, support pro-gun legislation, and expose anti-gun legislators at election time.

As a result, the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance is perhaps the most effective organization in Boise! All of this is thanks to our members, who make it all possible!

If you want to become a member of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance -– or renew your membership — there is no better time!

If you join anytime in the month of July, we’ll send you a free hat like the one pictured above.

Once you’ve joined and selected your FREE Hat, please forward this to your friends!


For Freedom,


Zach Brooks
Chairman of the Board

P.S. In celebration of Independence Day, for the entire month of July, the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance is giving away a FREE ISAA Hat and membership decal with all new memberships or membership renewals!

If you’ve already signed up, your shirt should be arriving shortly. If you haven’t signed up, do so today!

The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance is already making plans to advance our legislation to pass Stand-Your-Ground next year — and we’d be honored to have your support.

So, I hope you’ll join up today, knowing that your money will go right to the gun rights fight in Idaho, and knowing that your FREE ISAA Hat will be coming in the mail shortly.


Thank you and enjoy a day of remembrance for our Independence!