Get FREE Tickets To the Governor’s 2nd Amendment Debate!

This is going to be the biggest event in Idaho Second Amendment Alliance history.

You will have your typical media ran Governor’s debates, but this debate is different.

It’s for the people and ran by the grassroots!

You deserve a debate about the 2nd Amendment that is not ran by media conglomerates and biased news outlets.

And you have the chance to attend — for FREE!

More on that below.

For the last few years we have done our annual rally at the Capitol, but we wanted to do something different since we have a new Governor taking office in 2019.

Governor Otter is not seeking re-election.

That means this is a rare opportunity for gun owners to hear from a brand new Governor on their gun rights stances.

We gave all candidates until August 31st to accept our invitation to the event.


We received accepted invitations from the following candidates:

Congressman Raul Labrador
Lt. Governor Brad Little
Dr. Tommy Ahlquist


(From left to right: Lt. Governor Brad Little, Congressman Raul Labrador, and Dr. Tommy Ahlquist)

The Governor is in a unique position to give the final stamp of approval for gun rights bills, or the ability to kill gun control with a veto.


That’s why this forum is so crucial. 

You need to know where they stand on the 2nd Amendment and we must get past the typical campaign answers.

“I’m a lifelong hunter.”

“I will always defend the 2nd Amendment.”

You’ve heard these same answers from every candidate who runs for office.

Yet most of them don’t care about the 2nd Amendment once they are safely in office.

And that’s what our forum is intended to do — weed out the weaklings from the true defenders of the 2nd Amendment.

Idaho still has some work to do in the gun rights battle and we need a Governor who is going to stand with gun owners, and LEAD the gun rights movement!

One of the biggest criticisms of Governor Otter from many gun owners is that he refuses to take charge on gun issues.

In 2016, he was less than enthused about signing Constitutional Carry which was a monumental victory for gun owners in Idaho!

He only signed it because of the pressure he was feeling from grassroots gun owners like you!

That’s not the type of leadership we need in Idaho.

Who will step up and lead Idaho’s gun rights battles in 2018 and in the years to come? That’s why we are holding this important event.


We have gone to great lengths to book a large venue that will serve as the largest political stage we have ever hosted.


After months of raising funds to hold this event, we are now able to give out the remainder of the tickets for FREE

So, how do you attend this historic event?

>>> Get your free tickets by clicking here.

Seating is limited to 630 people. We are asking that     only voting age citizens attend the event.

While the tickets are free, we are asking that anyone     who is able to donate, to please chip in $50, $25, or     even just $10 to help cover the costs of the event.

>>> Once you have booked your own seat, please share our     Facebook Event link here and help spread the word.

Remember that the next Governor could potentially be the one to stop an anti-gun President, should Donald Trump not win re-election, or the Republicans lose big in 2018.

Thank you in advance for your attendance and support!


For Freedom,


Greg Pruett
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance


P.S. On February 20th, 2018 the ISAA will be hosting the biggest Second Amendment event in our group’s history.

You will have the opportunity to listen to three Gubernatorial candidates state their case as the strongest candidate for the 2nd Amendment.

And what’s better, the event is FREE to you!

You can get your FREE ticket to this event using the link here.

And any help you can provide to help us make the event even better would be greatly appreciated!

Whether you can chip in $50, $25, or even just $10, every little bit helps us make this the biggest and most important political event of 2018!