Globalists Tracking Guns in Idaho?

It’s happening again.

Gun owners are being stifled in the Senate State Affairs Committee on another crucial pro-gun bill.

Insiders are telling us that State Affairs Chairman Jim Guthrie is holding up HB 295, a bill designed to attack the globalist agenda!

HB 295 prevents credit card companies from coding firearm and ammunition purchases so the information can’t be tracked. What are the odds that information will be turned over to the government if they do start coding those purchases specifically?

You see, I normally personally oppose legislation where the government tells a private company what to do.

However, when your “private” company is working hand in hand with the government, it really isn’t private anymore!

Credit card companies have been targeting gun owners for years now. With Biden in the White House, the attacks on gun owners have only increased.

Sadly, despite the bill passing in House 66-4, the bill is being held by Guthrie in the Senate.

In case you missed an important note in the sentence above, even some of the Democrats voted for this bill!

How is it that one person has the power to stand in the way of a bill that gun owners want to see happen? How is it that one man can continue to block pro-gun legislation at will?

Sen. Guthrie (R-McCammon)has been blocking pro-2nd Amendment legislation all year long and claims he isn’t hearing from gun owners on these important issues.


Guthrie has stood in the way of Stand-Your-Ground expansion, SB 1004. A bill we might add that has over 30 co-sponsors!

Now he is standing in the way of legislation that helps block globalists like Klaus Schwab and the Word Economic Forum.

Congress and Joe Biden know they won’t get a bill through anytime soon to force gun registration. So, the easiest method for them to do so is by working with “private” credit card companies to track the purchases.

The legislative session could be over as early as next week, and there is no time to waste in getting HB 295 to the governor’s desk.

Now is the time to act.

Now is the time for Guthrie to live up to his promise to defend the 2nd Amendment. Enough of the lip service!

Contact Sen. Guthrie right away and demand that he give HB 295 the public hearing it deserves.


After you have emailed Guthrie, be sure to share this video below with anyone you know from his district.

No matter what you do, we need you to help move HB 295 to the governor’s desk which means your email to Guthrie is the most important thing you can do today.

Your support is crucial. Gun owners are the backbone of making 2nd Amendment legislation move in the capitol.

Be sure to also check out and share my short one-minute video of our call to action for HB 295 here:

The legislature needs to know how important these issues are to you. Accountability is coming to legislators who ignore your requests.

God speed and may God bless you in your efforts to help the cause of liberty!

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For Idaho,

Greg Pruett
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance