Governor Northam Refuses to Debate Gun Owners (Video)!

Dear Site,Accountability. That is a word that politicians hate more than any other perhaps.The American Firearms Coalition recently confronted disgraced Virginia Governor North

Dear Site,

Accountability. That is a word that politicians hate more than any other perhaps.

The American Firearms Coalition recently confronted disgraced Virginia Governor Northam on his gun-grabbing plot.

Things were tense on the ground in Virginia during their failed “Special Session.”

“Why won’t you agree to some sort of compromise with us, like the NRA usually does?”
That was what one of the leaders of Michael Bloomberg’s ‘Everytown for Gun Safety’ screamed at the American Firearms Coalition staff, as they confronted their out of control mob at the Virginia State Capitol in Richmond earlier this month.
You may recall that in the wake of a mass shooting in a Virginia Beach government building — a so called ‘Gun Free Zone’ -– where a madman shot and killed 12 people earlier this year, Governor Ralph Northam called for a special session to address gun control.
Some of what Northam called for included:
>>> Red Flag Gun Seizure legislation, which would allow the courts to seize your firearms without ever setting foot in court.
>>> A ban on the AR15, likely the most popular self-defense firearm in Virginia, or any other state.
>>> Reinstatement of one-gun-a-month, which would crack down on the Second Amendment right of law-abiding gun owners, while doing nothing to stop criminals.
That was just the start, as over a dozen gun control bills were filed by Republicans and Democrats.
The American Firearms Coalition got to work immediately, working to mobilize tens of thousands of Virginians against these bills using a combination of direct mail, targeted social media, and a ground game.
All of this work poured phone calls and emails into the Capitol, especially against the Republican Senate Majority Leader Tommy Norment — who brokered a bipartisan gun-control bill hours before the session kicked off!
But it was their work the day of the session, where the AFC team was literally surrounded by over a thousand screaming gun-grabbers, that got lawmakers talking!
You see, anyone can sneak into the Capitol, drop off petitions, and run out the back door.
But with all the rest of their mobilization work done, the AFC team went to work confronting and exposing out-of-control gun-grabbers, so gun owners across the country could see their radical agenda for what it was.
See AFC’s team confronting Governor Ralph Northam here!

Thanks to the calls and emails of AFC members, Republican Senate Leader Norment immediately withdrew his bill after his colleagues turned on him — and the House and Senate gaveled out two hours later!
None of Governor Northam’s bills advanced!
This is the type of winning strategy and accountability that Idahoans are used to with the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance, and we are glad to see the American Firearms Coalition and other groups using the same winning strategies as we are. 

We are proud of the work the American Firearms Coalition did in holding Gov. Northam accountable for his actions, and we need you all to do the same with your elected officials. 

2020 is going to be an incredible fight to protect the 2nd Amendment. 

I hope you’re ready!


Greg Pruett
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance

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