Gun Grabbers Try to Stop Pro-Gun Bills in Boise!

Dear Site,A day that should have been relatively quiet was rather chaotic at the capitol in Boise.This may be the future of gun politics in Idaho and we’ll need your help to pr

Dear Site,

A day that should have been relatively quiet was rather chaotic at the capitol in Boise.

This may be the future of gun politics in Idaho and we’ll need your help to prepare for the future — more on that in just a moment.

As we arrived at the capitol, a sea of gun grabbers filled the hallway

At the heart of the hustle and bustle were two gun bills that were being introduced, commonly called “print hearings.” These hearings do NOT allow any type of public comment. 

The purpose of a print hearing is for the committee to decide if a bill gets a full public hearing or not. Typically, these hearings only last a couple minutes and are not attended due to the lack of engagement allowed.

The gun grabbers did not seem deterred by that reality.

Despite the fact that gun grabbers were unable to speak at the hearing, gun owners should take note that Bloomberg’s minions are mobilized in Idaho. If we sit silently and do nothing we will pay the price.

It is crucial that we continue to mobilize gun owners across Idaho in the fight to expand gun rights and block gun control.

The first bill and the bill the gun grabbers were losing their minds over the most, was Rep. Chad Christensen’s (R-32) bill – H.B. 203 – to expand your ability to carry in K through 12 schools. 

With an Enhanced Permit, parents and school administrators would be able to carry their firearms in K-12 schools. This would be a crucial step toward the end of deadly ‘gun free zones!’

We anticipate this bill will have massive opposition during a public hearing from the Bloomberg crowd, and we also anticipate the typical “sky is falling” predictions will come rushing in.

The second bill that was printed (H.B. 206) is a part of Rep. Zito’s Constitutional Carry Expansion!

H.B. 206 would lower the age limit for Constitutional Carry for a handgun to 18 years of age inside city limits. It is important to remember that this is already current law outside of city limits, and for open carry inside city limits.

The bill further expands gun rights and helps simplify Idaho’s carry laws.

Both bills drew the ire of gun grabbers from Bloomberg’s Moms Demand Action.

Their opposition should motivate gun owners to take immediate action to help mobilize our forces across Idaho. 

So, what can you do to help?

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In years past there were maybe a dozen gun grabbers who would try to stop pro-gun legislation from passing in Idaho. 

Now, over 50 gun grabbers managed to make it to the capitol for a simple “print hearing” and that should wake gun owners from their slumber.

Whether you like it or not folks, the Bloombergs of Idaho are mobilized and trying to block our efforts. While their numbers may be few, if you don’t stand up and fight back then their voices will be the only ones that are heard.

Don’t waste another moment! Become a Liberty Member today by chipping in $10 or more a month to help the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance fight back. 

For Freedom

Greg Pruett
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance

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