Gun-Grabbing California Governor Comes to Idaho

Idaho is one of the few states remaining where constitution-loving Americans feel like they can move to and their beliefs are welcomed.

However, the winds are shifting as the city of Boise is run by a socialist. Mayor Lauren McLean won’t stop until Boise is rotting like San Francisco, Seattle, or Portland.

In fact, Boise is turning so blue that even the communist governor of California, Kim Jong Newsom (some call him Gavin), felt he would be welcome in Boise when he visited just days ago.

More on that in a moment.

In case you haven’t heard, YouTube, Facebook, and other big social media giants have begun ramping up their censorship before the 2024 elections.

Major names on YouTube such as Steven Crowder, the entire Blaze network, Daily Wire hosts, and others are already being silenced by YouTube.

Facebook has been throttling our page for many years now. In particular, after Donald Trump was elected in 2016, Facebook began preventing our people from seeing important content.

We have long needed a different platform to take off so gun owners can have their voices heard.

That’s why, prior to the 2024 election, the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance is doing our best to give gun owners a place to get the latest critical information you need, especially our video updates.

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We are also working on additional ways to reach out to gun owners across Idaho. With the global elitists doing everything they can to silence dissenting voices, it’s imperative that we adapt to other ways for keeping you informed.

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Now, back to Newsom and his unwanted visit to Idaho.

Newsom posted a picture on July 2nd, saying that he had visited Boise and spoke with Democrats who are trying to ruin Idaho.

Here is the tweet:

Why was Newsom in Idaho?

According to the mainstream media, he was pushing Joe Biden to be re-elected as president.

We believe his real reason is that he is running a shadow presidential campaign. Whether he throws his hat in the ring this year or is prepping for 2028, Newsom is running for president at some point.

Newsom has been a disaster for gun owners in California and he wants to take his insane ideas nationwide.

Just recently, Newsom proposed a new constitutional amendment to gut the 2nd Amendment. We’ll get into that in a future email.

For now, just know that Idaho is on the radar of gun-grabbing communists across the country.

Leftist groups, politicians, and others want Idaho to turn blue. If they can do it here, they can do it anywhere.

I think too many gun owners in Idaho think our state is safe. They believe there isn’t anything to worry about.

For those who have been watching the political realm in Idaho for a decade now know better. The tide has been turning for some time.

And with the Idaho Supreme Court’s horrible anti-gun opinion recently, which gutted Idaho’s firearm preemption statute (18-3302J), should be a major wake up call for Idaho’s gun owners.

That’s why it is imperative that we mobilize as many gun owners in Idaho as we can.

Be sure to join and/or donate to the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance today as we fight to protect our beloved state!


Thank you for all you do to fight for the 2nd Amendment in Idaho.

Our fight isn’t over. It’s likely a lifelong fight to preserve our liberties.

God bless you all and may God bless Idaho!

For Idaho,

Greg Pruett
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance

P.S. Gavin Newsom visited Idaho recently to encourage Idaho’s Democrats to keep fighting to destroy our beautiful state.

Newsom and his minions won’t be satisfied until they destroy the 2nd Amendment. He’s even proposed a constitutional amendment to do just that.

It’s time for Idahoans to fight back.

First, follow us on our Rumble channel where we are posting our latest content, unfiltered and uncensored.

Second, be sure to join or donate to the ISAA today and help us defeat anyone willing to stand in the way of your right to keep and bear arms.