Gun Rally at the Capitol Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the big day!

Once again, Idaho gun owners will march in support of gun rights expansion in Idaho.

We will be marching to support the Castle Doctrine in Idaho as well as removing the residency requirement for Constitutional Carry.

Details on the rally below.

Last year over 1,000 Idaho gun owners marched in support of Constitutional Carry. After 4 long years of that battle, we finally prevailed.

No longer are Idahoans required to submit to government monitoring to exercise their right to keep and bear arms.

No longer are Idahoans required to pay taxes to exercise a right protected by the 2nd Amendment.

No longer are criminals on higher ground than law abiding citizens. We are all on a level playing field.

Throughout the 2017 session, Rep. Christy Zito and Rep. Karey Hanks have been fighting valiantly to move Castle Doctrine and the non-resident bills forward.

As many of you know by now, the same excuses that are used every year to slow down or kill good gun legislation are being brought up again.

“Language Issues” and “Reciprocity Concerns” are just several of the political propaganda excuses being perpetuated by legislators who refuse to move on pro-gun legislation.

Nevertheless, we are fighting tooth and nail to keep these bills going and so far, Rep. Christy Zito’s Castle Doctrine bill has 18 Co-Sponsors!

The Castle Doctrine simply states that you are innocent until proven guilty when you are forced to defend your life in your home, vehicle, or place of business.

No longer is the criminal favored when he breaks into your home and you are forced to defend yourself or the life of your family.

The bill Rep. Karey Hanks is sponsoring says that all law-abiding citizens, regardless of their resident state, have the right to defend themselves in Idaho’s borders.

Current law allows non-residents to carry their handguns concealed outside city limits. The only thing they can’t do is carry them concealed without a permit inside city limits.

There is no reason for Idaho to treat people from other states like 2nd class citizens. Let’s end the discrimination!

Tomorrow we march to demand better protection when firing in self-defense and the ability of our non-Idaho friends to have their 2nd Amendment rights recognized in Idaho.

We will be meeting at the Center on the Grove at 3:00 p.m. From there we will march to the Capitol where we will hear from several guest speakers, including ISAA President Greg Pruett.

You can find more details on the rally using the Facebook link here. That’s also a great place for you to invite your family and friends to attend as well using the “Invite” link on Facebook. 

In the meantime, please remember to sign the petitions.

The first petition to sign is for Castle Doctrine in Idaho!

The second petition to sign is for removing the Residency Requirement for Idaho!

Thank you for all your support over the years and for those who are taking time out of their day to come to the Capitol and support our efforts.

See you there!

In Freedom,

Zach Brooks
Chairman of the Board
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance