Gun Rights 2022: Where Should We Focus?

The 2022 legislative session is officially underway here in Boise and with this being an election year, it’s going to be an extremely busy year.

That’s why it’s urgent that you fill out your 2022 Idaho Second Amendment Alliance Member Ballot right away, telling me where to focus ISAA’s resources this year.

There’s a lot at stake.

We’re already engaged in a fight to improve Idaho’s self-defense laws, but we also can’t let up on Idaho’s Congressional delegation as we work to defeat Biden’s gun control agenda in D.C. And there are elections coming up too, fast!

We simply don’t have the resources we need to address all of these fights at the same time! So please read the full email below, and then cast your vote on where we should focus!

Things are moving fast here in Boise, so I need to hear from you right away.

— Greg


Congress and our own state legislature will be kicking off the 2022 session in just a couple of days, which is why our team has been working around the clock to finalize our battle plans for the upcoming year — and the budget we need to be effective.

I have to tell you, in almost a decade of fighting for the Second Amendment in Boise and in Congress, I have never seen our gun rights in a more precarious situation.

The good news is that grassroots gun owners have stood tall and fought for freedom in 2021 in ways that we haven’t seen since the early days of the Obama Administration.

And so, while Nancy Pelosi has passed two gun control bills through the House, neither of them have advanced in the Senate as Schumer simply can’t get the 60 votes he needs to proceed.

The bad news is that after Democratic candidates were crushed in the recent Virginia and New Jersey elections, Biden’s handlers know there is a real chance they will lose control of Congress in November, so they are going ‘all in’ on gun control!  

And while Senate Republicans in D.C. have blocked the gun control bills that Pelosi has sent over from the House so far, if we have a mass shooting any time in 2022, we will almost certainly see ten to twelve RINOs betray us immediately.

But we also have a major fight shaping up here in Boise as we work to plug the gaps in Idaho’s Stand-Your-Ground law!

And when you add in the critical midterm elections that are already shaping up across the state and the legal attacks that the ISAA is waging, it’s obvious that 2022 is going to be a BIG YEAR for the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance! 

That’s why I am writing you today.

I have to make some difficult choices on where ISAA will be focusing our time and money in 2022. And since this has always been a member-driven organization, I am asking for your advice on how you want us to proceed.

That’s why I have prepared your 2022 Idaho Second Amendment Alliance Membership Ballot, so that I can hear directly from you, firsthand. I’m counting on you to read this and then complete your ballot right away!

The truth is that without a quick infusion of funds from ISAA members, we may have to sit out some of these fights.

Right now, we simply don’t have the budget to keep the heat on Idaho’s Congressional delegation, fight to expand Stand-Your-Ground law in Boise, expose gun grabbers during the mid-terms and deal with the legal attacks that are trying to shut us down!  

At the same time, the thought of having to ignore ANY of these fights makes me sick, as they are all important.

One thing is clear, Idaho’s Stand-Your-Ground laws are weak and they need to be strengthened before a ‘woke’ prosecutor tries to put a gun owner in jail for the ‘crime’ of defending themselves against a violent predator!

You see, gun owners across the country watched in shock as a Soros-backed prosecutor in Missouri indicted Mark and Patricia McCloskey on felony crimes for stopping a violent mob that threatened them on their own property in 2020.

But the truth is that Idaho’s self-defense laws have some of the same gaps that allowed the McCloskey’s to be targeted!

That’s why the ISAA is working with gun rights champion and State Senator Christy Zito, to sponsor and fight for legislation that would protect Idahoans who are forced to defend themselves.

ISAA’s legislation would provide criminal immunity to gun owners who use justifiable force in a self-defense situation. If someone uses un-justifiable force, they should be held accountable. But no one should be tried for a crime just because a prosecutor wants to advance a personal agenda!

In addition, this bill would provide for an enactment clause that would allow you to claim this immunity in a pre-trial hearing, not after you’ve been through the hell of a criminal trial!

And finally, should you be criminally charged and found not guilty, ISAA’s legislation would make the state/county pay for your legal fees — just like they do in neighboring Washington.

So if you think our top priority in 2022 needs to be strengthening Idaho’s self-defense laws, please mark OPTION #1 “STAND YOUR GROUND” on your ballot.

But in addition to fighting for gun owners in the Capitol, it’s vital that the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance continues to fight for gun owners in the courtroom, too.

As you may remember, after the City of Sandpoint violated Idaho’s pre-emption law and threatened arrest for gun owners who were carrying on city property in compliance with state law, ISAA sued them in the First District.

This is really simple.

If Sandpoint can violate state law and harass gun owners who are carrying a firearm in accordance with the law, soon every ‘blue’ leaning city in the state will be doing it!

From the beginning, we knew that we were likely going to lose the initial rounds of this fight. So we weren’t surprised when Judge Haynes sided with the city, against state law.

But with this initial decision behind us, the ISAA is taking this fight where we always knew it would end up, the Idaho State Supreme Court, where our lawyers believe the chances of a fair ruling are far greater. 

Of course, this multi-layered legal strategy isn’t free.

In fact, ISSA has already spent almost $20,000 getting us to this point. But as our legal team prepares to argue this case before the Supreme Court, we’re going to need to cover additional fees.

It’s expensive, I know. But like I said, if the ISAA doesn’t engage in this fight, we’ll have dozens of cities declaring public property ‘off-limits’ to gun owners overnight!

So if you think our top priority in 2022 needs to be finish our legal actions against the City of Sandpoint, please mark OPTION #2 “HOLD THE LINE IN COURT” on your ballot.

But we’re also going to be facing one hell of a fight in Washington, D.C. this year, too.

As I said earlier, the leftist machine that is running Joe Biden in D.C. knows that they are likely going to lose control of the House, Senate or both when ‘We the People’ head to the polls next year. So they are going ‘all in’ on gun control.

And while there are plenty of bills that Biden and Pelosi would like to pass, there are two bills at the absolute top of their list because of the devastating harm they would do.

First is H.R. 8, the ‘Universal Background Check’ legislation that has already passed the House and that would require gun owners to obtain government permission each time they try to buy a firearm.

The real reason why Biden and Pelosi want to pass H.R. 8 is to give the federal government a list of every gun owner in America, while making felons out of Americans who don’t comply.

Second is H.R. 2377, the massive Red Flag Gun Seizure’ bill that would enact New York-style gun confiscation laws across the country, empowering liberal judges to disarm Americans who have never set foot in court, let alone been convicted of a crime.

What makes both of these bills so dangerous (besides the harm they would do to our gun rights) is the fact that a growing number of Republicans are already supporting BOTH OF THEM!

When Nancy Pelosi passed H.R. 8 out of the House, a dozen Republicans joined her in voting for this garbage. And over the last two years, Republican Senators like Rob Portman, Pat Toomey, Lindsay Graham, Susan Collins, Mitt Romney and others have come out in support of a national registry of gun owners!

And while Nancy Pelosi is leading the charge for ‘Red Flag’ laws in the House, in the Senate, Republican Marco Rubio is the LEAD SPONSOR on ‘Red Flag’ legislation and over a half-dozen other Republicans have already come out in support of the idea.

So while we have held the line against these bills in the Senate so far, you can bet that these RINO traitors will be lining up to betray us if we have a mass shooting incident anywhere in America this year.

So if you think our top priority in 2022 needs to be defeating bipartisan gun control in Congress, please mark OPTION #3 “HOLD THE LINE IN THE SENATE” on your ballot.

But it’s also crucial that the ISAA is in a position to hammer on the records of gun-grabbers during the critical midterm elections that will be here before we know it.

ISAA’s efforts to expose the records of the politicians who want to disarm us have become the stuff of legend over the years — and have made it possible for us to pass many pro-gun bills. 

Over the last few election cycles, our educational efforts led to gun owners throwing Representatives’ Richard Wills, Paul Romrell, Julie VanOrden, Tom Loertscher and others out of office for their votes against our right to keep and bear arms.

But this fall, in addition to doing our primary job of exposing gun-grabbers in the Idaho Legislature, gun owners have a chance to tell Mike Simpson just what they think about his vote in support of H.R. 4350 — which would have put ‘Red Flag’ laws into our military!  

Our election-timed programs involve a combination of radio and TV ads, digital and social media advertising, uncensorable direct mail, and a massive email program. It’s brutally effective, but it is not cheap.

The alternative is to do what most other gun groups do, sit on the sidelines and whine while the enemies to our freedoms take a sledgehammer to our beautiful Second Amendment.

So if you think our top priority in 2022 needs to be sending a message during the midterm elections, please mark OPTION #4 “EXPOSE GUN-GRABBERS AT ELECTION TIME” on your ballot.

I’m sure you can see why I’m so torn. Each of these fights deserves our full attention. But I have to be realistic. And right now, I just can’t engage in all four of these fights.

That’s why I’m counting on you to please complete your Idaho Second Amendment Alliances’ Member Ballot and tell me where to focus the resources that we have.

Of course, when you do so, you’ll notice that I have included another option on your membership ballot — an option that we haven’t talked about yet, because it’s just not possible without a major influx of funds.


To be clear, if you select Option 5, I need you to dig deep and include the most generous donation that you possibly can to help the ISAA put this plan into action.

We simply can’t afford to run these programs simultaneously without it. In fact, without considerable help from gun owners like you, running even TWO of these programs at the scale they would need to be run will be very tough.

But everything is on the line in 2022.

And if we just sit back and hope for the best, we are very likely going to see sweeping gun control pass into law in D.C. and have nothing standing in between gun owners and the Executive Orders that Biden’s handlers are implementing.

But if we stand together, we can secure our freedoms here in Idaho, shut down the biggest attack that gun owners have ever seen coming out of D.C. and then SEND A MESSAGE in November!

That’s why I hope that when you submit your Member Ballot, you’ll include a very generous donation of $100 or even $250!

I know that’s a lot. But you’ve seen the incredible impact your donations have had in the past. And with everything we’re facing this year, we are counting on you more than ever!

If that’s simply not possible, please consider at least $75, $50 or at least $25 so that I know what we have to work with.

Whatever you do, please act fast as the legislature (and Congress) is reconvening in just days! I need to hear from you RIGHT AWAY!

For Idaho,

Greg Pruett
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance

P.S. The 2022 legislative session begins here in Boise –- and in Washington D.C. — in just days and I have to make some very difficult decisions about where to focus our resources and our time this session.

ISAA needs to strengthen Idaho’s weak Stand-Your-Ground law. But the threat of federal gun control is heating up, and the critical 2022 elections are right around the corner!

I need to know what YOU want the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance to focus on in 2022. So please complete your Member Ballot right away.

Everything is on the line this year. So when you submit your ballot, I hope you’ll also agree to a generous donation of $100, $75, $50, or at least $25 to help us fight for you in 2022!