Guns at County Fairs in Idaho this Summer?

It’s that time of the year again.

Counties across the state are going to be holding their annual fairs, rodeos, western days, and other events in their local communities.

Despite 10 years of trying to correct the problem, we inevitably end up with counties who prohibit gun owners from exercising their 2nd Amendment rights at these public venues.

We want to make it clear that counties are NOT allowed to regulate the possession of firearms on public property, and any of them that do, are violating state law!

Idaho’s firearm preemption statute (18-3302J) prohibits cities/counties from regulating firearms. The purpose of the law is to ensure that the firearm laws are uniform throughout the state.

It’s this law that is at the forefront of our case before the Idaho Supreme Court.

For those that are unaware, the ISAA, along with the Second Amendment Foundation, is suing the city of Sandpoint and the Festival at Sandpoint for violating the firearm preemption statute.

The city claims that the public park used for the event was “leased,” and is therefore private property. The ISAA/SAF argued that the city doesn’t have the authority to regulate firearms in the park, so how can they then give that authority to a private party?

We have had similar issues with county fairs and rodeos for years now, and typically receive a dozen or so messages asking about anti-gun signs being posted.

In fact, when I lived in Caldwell, I was notified that the Canyon County fair was prohibiting citizens from entering with firearms. Living so close to the venue, I went down myself with my friend Seth Rosquist and challenged security on the issue.

We ultimately prevailed. You can see that video here:

With so many events taking place this summer, the Idaho Supreme Court’s opinion on the Sandpoint case is huge, especially if it happens before most of the events kick off.

If the court decides that Sandpoint was okay to let the Festival at Sandpoint ban firearms, Idahoans are in big trouble.

What stops a communist mayor like Boise Mayor Lauren McLean from “leasing” all Boise’s public parks to be run by a private party, and that private party then banning firearms as a part of the contract? Nothing would stop her from doing that!

And there are other loopholes that cities/counties could use to keep subverting our right to keep and arms if the ISC comes down on the wrong side of this issue.

In the meantime, it’s imperative that Idaho’s gun owners continue to hold counties accountable who violate our firearm preemption statute.

If you see, experience, or question whether a violation exists, please contact us right away. My email is [email protected].



I made an additional video for gun owners who want to learn more about how to fight back against these violations. This video may be critical for you this summer! Please be sure to share it with all your fellow gun owners.

Be sure to subscribe to our Rumble channel today, and help us fight back against YouTube as they have once again ramped up their censorship efforts.

As for challenging these firearm preemption violations, remember to take pictures of “No Firearms” signs and to record videos if you are being harassed because you are exercising your 2nd Amendment rights.

The video posted above will give you tips on how to do this tactfully.

Idaho is a bastion of freedom and liberty.

We can’t sit idly by while liberals attack our 2nd Amendment rights. If we can’t protect the right to keep and bear arms in Idaho, then there isn’t much hope for the rest of the country.

The ISAA is the only group in the state that does NOT compromise on your gun rights, and that’s why we need every single Idahoan to be a member of this organization.



Whether you want to believe it or not, Idaho is not immune from being targeted by the radical left. In fact, they are already mobilized against conservatives in this state.

Yes, Idaho has some of the best gun laws in the country, but that doesn’t mean we can sit idly by and do nothing. We must build our organization to be able to fight back against any and all attacks.

Stand with us today, join the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance, and help us continue our efforts to build a massive wall between our pro-2nd Amendment laws and the left’s anti-gun efforts

I want to thank each and every current member of the ISAA for your hard work and dedication. You are the ISAA!

I also want to thank in advance every new member who joins the ISAA in the coming days. You are what makes the ISAA so powerful.

God bless you all and may God bless Idaho!

For Idaho,

Greg Pruett
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance