Hearing Tomorrow for Constitutional Carry Expansion in Idaho!

We have breaking news regarding another very important gun bill that has a hearing tomorrow morning!

It’s another great pro-gun bill that is sure to get the Bloomberg Moms whipped into a frenzy.

You need to contact the Senate State Affairs Committee IMMEDIATELY and tell them to support the RS25769!

More on that in just a moment.

When Idaho passed Constitutional Carry in 2016, the law created a web of gun laws across the state that are complex, and create issues for both citizens and law enforcement.

What do we mean?

First let us tell you what the CURRENT law is in Idaho.

>>> Idaho residents who are 21-years-old and older can carry their handguns, shotguns, and rifles, anywhere in the state without a permit, and that includes in a vehicle.

That means you can travel all over Idaho and no permit is required — just as the 2nd Amendment intended for the entire country.

>>> Residents from other states can currently carry their shotguns and rifles anywhere in Idaho with NO PERMIT.

They can also carry their handguns outside of city limits with NO PERMIT!

So just how simple is this bill?

RS25769 simply says that all law-abiding citizens, regardless of what state they are from, can carry their handguns inside city limits with no permit.

That’s it folks!

Isn’t that what the 2nd Amendment was all about?

You have the right to keep and bear arms and that right can’t be infringed.

That right doesn’t end at Idaho’s borders.

And it certainly doesn’t end at the city or county border.

You have the right to bear arms ANYWHERE you are legally allowed to be.

We need you to send an email to the Senate State Affairs Committee right away using the pre-written email below!

Send the Senate State Affairs Committee an email here!

Next, please call each member of the committee and tell them to vote in favor of moving the bill to a full, public hearing!

Senator Siddoway (Chair): 208-332-1342
Senator Hagedorn (Vice-Chair): 208-332-1334
Senator Brent Hill: 208-332-1324
Senator Chuck Winder: 208-332-1354
Senator Patti Anne Lodge: 208-332-1320
Senator Steve Vick: 208-332-1345
Senator Kelly Anthon: 208-332-1327
Senator Michelle Stennett: 208-332-1353
Senator Cherie Buckner-Webb: 208-332-133

When is the hearing?

Time: 8:00 a.m.
Date: 2/9/2018 (That’s tomorrow!)
Location: West Wing Room 55 (Senate State Affairs)

This is not a hearing for public comment but gun owners should attend and show their support.

No matter what you do, please send your email immediately and then make the necessary phone calls.

Thank you!

Greg Pruett
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance