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Dear  Site,”This video is fantastic! It exposes the reality of Red Flag laws.”That’s just one of the many positive reviews we saw regarding a new video produced by the 2nd Amen

Dear  Site,

“This video is fantastic! It exposes the reality of Red Flag laws.”

That’s just one of the many positive reviews we saw regarding a new video produced by the 2nd Amendment Activist. The 2AA as it is commonly called is a nationwide company working to expose gun control and teach gun owners how to better discuss gun control with those who are not heavily involved in the gun control fight. 

Red Flag laws continue to sweep the country with New York being the latest state to implement these unconstitutional laws. 

The truth is that gun owners must do a better job of exposing these laws to those who aren’t deep in the 2nd Amendment fight like you are. We must reach out to those in the “middle” and explain why Red Flag laws are dangerous.

Even in Idaho, we are fighting the potential of our judges having the ability to issue Red Flag style orders.

With that in mind, the 2nd Amendment Activist which is run by ISAA President Greg Pruett, created a 5-minute video to expose the dangers of Red Flag laws in an entertaining way

According to the 2nd Amendment Activist, the goal was to educate the public in a different way on gun control:

“The goal was to create a video that didn’t come across preachy. We also didn’t want a video that had a bunch of angry gun owners telling people how dangerous gun control is. The public is used to that. We wanted to make a video that was funny to watch but would also make people think about these issues and realize how dangerous they are. The target audience isn’t hard-core gun owners, but people who haven’t taken a strong stance either way on Red Flag laws and get them on our side of this fight. However, we believe gun owners will still find the video entertaining.”

The new series is called Gun Control Hunters and the first episode was just released earlier this week.

Mr. Pruett says that six episodes are planned in 2019 and the goal is to tackle the most controversial gun control topics. 

With the fight over Red Flag laws well underway, the 2nd Amendment Activist team felt that it needed to be the first episode.

We are asking you to support the 2nd Amendment Activist and their efforts to expose gun control in a new and enlightening way by doing the following things:

1. Go watch the video on YouTube using the link here! (Make sure to Subscribe after you watch!)
2. Share that video with as many people as you can, especially those who do not know about Red Flag laws or think they are a good idea.
3. Head over to the 2nd Amendment Activist website and help them fund future episodes!  At the top right hand of their website, you will see a “Donate” button. Whether you can chip in $100, $50, or even just $25 to help them create more episodes to expose gun control, any donation is helpful and appreciated!

Mr. Pruett said of their future episodes, “Any money we get right now goes to help us make future content for gun owners. Our budget for the first episode was $300. We do it as cheap as we can but the more donations we have, the better we can make them.”

Greg also joked, “I’d love to hire a local actor to take my place in the episodes. You’ll just have to deal with my subpar acting for now.”

No matter what you do today though, be sure to watch the video and share it with as many people as you know! If you prefer to watch the video on Facebook you can also find that video here.

We strongly encourage you to donate or become a member of the 2nd Amendment Activist (this is different than the ISAA by the way) team and help them expose gun control even more!

The battle over the 2nd Amendment has been kicked into high gear this year. 

Pelosi and other gun grabbers across America are mobilized to fight against your gun rights. You are the only ones that can stop them.

In the end, however, we must do more to bring other Americans to our side of the fight. 

That’s why the work of the 2nd Amendment Activist and others who are exposing gun control is so important. Please support their efforts as much as you can. 

The future of our country depends on protecting the 2nd Amendment for future generations.

For Freedom,

ISAA Staff


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