Help the ISAA Fight Back Against Big Tech/Government Censorship!

Censorship by big tech companies such as Facebook and YouTube is increasing rapidly.

With the 2024 elections just around the corner, there is going to be very little opportunity for liberty-loving Idahoans to get accurate and uncensored information. Big tech and the government have already proven to be working together to silence conservative voices.

The 2nd Amendment of course is a favorite target of the anti-free speech crowd.

For years we have waited for an alternative to big tech to gain enough traction to be worth our time and effort. Many sites exist and gun owners have been spread out everywhere as a result. But the ISAA was waiting for a video platform to emerge where we could post critical updates without fear of being shut down.

With so many big name conservatives joining Rumble over the last year, we knew it was time that we did the same and so we did late last year.

We have been closely watching Rumble emerge as the main alternative to YouTube and Facebook for posting our videos, and we are slowly been building up our presence there. It’s not as user friendly as YouTube, but it can only get better by more free speech supporters using the platform and helping it grow.

Our current goal is to reach 500 “Followers” on Rumble as quickly as possible!

The bottom line is, the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance is trying to keep gun owners informed. The best way is to ensure you are on our email list. The next best way right now is to follow us on Rumble so we can get your video updates that cost us far less than sending out massive emails for each new video we put out.

You can follow us on Rumble by clicking the link here.

Then, be sure to watch and share the ad below which encourages all gun owners in Idaho to follow our channel.