How Much Control Do Idaho Democrats Have Over Guns In The Idaho Capitol?

Dear  2nd Amendment Supporter,Gun owners have had enough. A crucial vote on partial Constitutional Carry Expansion (H.B. 206) has been delayed once again! We need you to take immediate action to get t

Dear  2nd Amendment Supporter,

Gun owners have had enough.
A crucial vote on partial Constitutional Carry Expansion (H.B. 206) has been delayed once again!
We need you to take immediate action to get the bill moving to a full vote on the House Floor.
Idaho gun owners have been extremely patient this session.
We waited for two months before even getting a hearing on expanding a portion of our Constitutional Carry law to include 18-20-year-olds inside city limits.
Two months!
After finally getting the House State Affairs Committee to approve the bill and send it to the Floor, gun owners were finally ready for progress on this crucial piece of legislation.
On March 7th gun owners found out that the following day a vote was supposed to take place on Rep. Zito/Young’s pro-gun legislation.
So, on March 8th gun owners drove down to the capitol in Boise to watch the debate on the House Floor.
However, no vote ever took place.
Gun grabbers in Boise insisted that a vote take place on House Bill 70, a gun control bill, or they would attempt to stop Constitutional Carry Expansion.
Republican House leaders agreed to stall the bill last Friday and said that they would instead hold a vote on Monday, March 11th.
Gun owners drove down to the capitol once again this past Monday and House Republican leaders and gun grabbers once again stalled Constitutional Carry Expansion.
They promised Rep. Zito that she would get a vote today on her bill.
After two different floor sessions today, Idaho gun owners have been left empty-handed once again as House Republicans Leaders and Democrats refused to give House Bill 206 a vote.

That makes four different delays on voting for Constitutional Carry Expansion because of a gun control bill. 
Keep in mind that these two bills, HB 70 and HB 206, have NOTHING to do with each other.
They don’t even deal with the same part of Idaho Code.
Do Democrats really have so much control in Idaho’s capitol that they can stall pro-gun bills like this?
What’s to keep them from making the same threats every year over every pro-gun bill that comes to the House Floor?
Why isn’t House Leadership in the Republican Party standing up to these gun grabbers and pushing a vote on H.B. 206?
These are questions gun owners want answers to!
If House Bill 206 does not make it to the Senate tomorrow, it will be very difficult for a pro-gun bill to pass in 2019.
Gun owners will be left with nothing, and we’ll be looking at a possible gun control bill moving forward instead.
We can’t let that happen, and it’s up to you to make your voices heard at this crucial time in the legislative process.
What can you do to help?
First, we need you to contact Idaho’s House Leadership right away!
          Speaker Scott Bedke:                       [email protected]
          Majority Leader Mike Moyle:             [email protected]
          Asst. Majority Leader Jason Monks: [email protected]
          Majority Caucus Chair:                      [email protected]  
Here are the emails together for easier copying and pasting: [email protected];[email protected];[email protected];[email protected]
Your message to them is simple (feel free to copy our words if you wish): Subject Line: Please Hold a Vote on H.B. 206! Stop H.B. 70!
“Please hold an immediate vote on House Bill 206, without delay! Gun owners are eager to move this crucial pro-gun bill to the Senate! Additionally, please stop House Bill 70, which is yet another desperate attempt for gun control by Democrats in Boise. Thank you!”
Once you have sent that email to each of the Republican House Leaders, forward this email to as many of your family and friends as you can!
Finally, it is clear that gun owners are going to have to mobilize even more of our people to get in this fight.
Democrats shouldn’t have this much control in Idaho to stall pro-gun legislation.
We are asking all of you to become “Liberty Members” of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance. We have a LOT of work to do this year in both Idaho and Congress.
Our monthly membership program is crucial to our success!
Please go to today or sign up on the image below to become a monthly contributor and our newest Liberty Member!

We can’t do any of this without you and we are proud to have you all on board.
If joining as a monthly member isn’t something you can do right now, then please consider a donation of $100 $50, or even just $25 today to help with this important cause!
The end of the legislative session is supposed to be March 26th. That means we are less than two weeks from not getting pro-gun legislation through our capitol.
That’s why your immediate activism is so crucial.


Greg Pruett
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance


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