Idaho and Constitutional Carry in 2015

The time is fast approaching where Idaho may not have enough liberty minded legislators to pass some of the best pro-gun legislation in the country. Slowly and surely the progressive left is moving into our beautiful state and with them a desire to change Idaho’s laws to be the same as the state they just left. We do not know how much longer we have before it is too late to enact gun legislation that brings us more in line with the 2nd Amendment but that time is fast approaching.

Since 2013 the ISAA has been pushing to have Constitutional Carry brought to our state but to no avail. For those unfamiliar with Constitutional Carry you can click on the “Education” tab and watch Youtube video we made that explains what it is and what it is not. Essentially, anyone who is legally allowed to own and purchase a firearm can carry that firearm without a permit from the sheriff. The 2nd Amendment serves as your permit. It does not change any current restrictions such as felons and mentally ill individuals. You decide if you want to open carry or conceal carry to defend yourself and your family. You shouldn’t have to ask permission to do so.

Constitutional Carry (also known as Permitless Carry) is a growing movement among gun owners who want to see our 2nd Amendment rights restored to its true intention. Other states that have enacted Constitutional Carry are Vermont (never required a permit), Alaska, Wyoming, Arizona, and Arkansas. Oklahoma does not require permits from citizens who visit from CC states. We demand that Idaho join the list of these great states who are increasing individual liberty in regards to firearms. We have heard your voices and overwhelmingly the top issue that Idahoans want on the gun rights agenda is Constitutional Carry. The ISAA is tired of seeing Idaho lag behind other states in the gun rights department. We want Idaho to lead the way in gun rights. So what can we do? What can you do?

The 2015 Idaho Legislative Session is just 1 month away. We are working with several key players in the political arena to make sure Idahoans have a chance at Constitutional Carry this coming year. We will be talking to many legislators about the issue and continuing to educate them on why Constitutional Carry is necessary. We will also be in discussion with law enforcement officials across the state to ease their concerns. We have reached out to legislators and law enforcement in states that have Constitutional Carry and so far the response has been overwhelming. We have one Wyoming sheriff who says that he actually opposed Constitutional Carry in his state because of safety concerns for his deputies. He now says there are no issues with Constitutional Carry and his fears did not come true. This has been the response of all those we have talked to.

There will be a lot of misinformation from those who do not want Idaho to have Constitutional Carry. We anticipate Sheriff Rainey to be at the forefront of that opposition on the law enforcement side. He has already said that he opposes Constitutional Carry because he wants the option to take weapons from individuals who he THINKS MIGHT commit a crime because of the people they associate with. We expect some politicians and possibly outside groups such as MOMS Demand Action to interfere with this great cause. We need Idaho citizens to help fight back against this misinformation. Share the Youtube video to help with that and talk to your family and friends about why we need Constitutional Carry.

We will also be doing some email and phone call blitzes to legislators once the session begins. Stay tuned for dates, times, and other information in regard to those blitzes.

The time is now Idaho. It is far past due for Idaho to join the ranks of states who do not require law abiding citizens to request permission to carry their firearms. That’s what the 2nd Amendment was for. Prepare for battle and prepare to help support us and others as we fight to defend your 2nd Amendment rights.

Molon Labe!!!