Idaho Gun Owners Are Victorious!

A quick update from our Preemption Project fight.

Through the efforts of gun owners, several municipalities have agreed to make changes to their ordinances!

There are more battles to fight and we’ll need your help yet again.

More on that in a minute.

It was just last week that we first told you about the City of New Plymouth and their previous refusal to change their firearm ordinance, and bring it in compliance with state law.

When the gun owners became involved, the city took notice!

The Mayor of New Plymouth has now agreed to change their ordinance by July of this year.

This only happened because you took action!

You also became engaged in another fight — Power County.

In Power County, the ISAA staff had tried for several years to work with the Prosecutor and Commissioners to make changes to an illegal firearm ordinance.

When we realized it wasn’t going to happen, you mobilized.

Once again, you made all the difference!

The Commissioners in Power County have agreed to make the necessary changes to the ordinance to bring it into compliance with state law.

In addition to these victories, we also heard back from Ada County, and the City of Filer, that they have made the changes to their ordinances/signs we had been seeking.

Ada County updated their illegal signs and Filer updated an ordinance that was in violation of state law.

To date, the Preemption Project has helped over 50 cities/counties update ordinances or remove signs that were in violation of state law.

The Preemption Project has been a resounding success!

But it isn’t over yet and we still need your help on this important issue.

We have several other cities that are refusing to make changes and we will be mobilizing in the coming weeks to do the same thing we did in New Plymouth and Power County.

Bloomberg and his anti-gun influences are reaching Idaho!

But we can’t do it alone.

>>> First, it takes a lot of time and resources to         accomplish victories in these battles.

    Please consider a small donation of $25 or even just     $10 to help with the Preemption Project by donating     today.

>>> Second, please be on the lookout in your city/county     for signs that contain “No Firearms” wording or         pictures.

It is illegal for cities/counties to post such signs in public places like libraries, city halls, parks, and any other publicly owned property (jails and courthouses excepted).

These municipalities are not immune from the law.

They must follow the law and we can’t let them be out of compliance. We must hold them accountable.

Thanks to your efforts, we are making a difference.

In Freedom,

Zach Brooks
Chairman of the Board
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance


P.S. Victories in New Plymouth and Power County have shown that gun owners have tremendous influence on important matters all over the state.

It wasn’t until gun owners got involved on a massive scale that these municipalities made necessary changes to their law.

But we have more battles to come and we’ll need your help again.

Please consider a small donation of $25 or $10 today to help us mobilize more gun owners in this fight.

Thank you!