Idaho Gun Owners Stop Gun Control Bill!

I’ve got great news for Idaho gun owners!

While we continue our efforts to get Stand-Your-Ground into law, you were busy trying to kill a bill containing gun control…for now.

HB 167, a “critical infrastructure trespass” bill, was pulled from the House floor before a vote could even take place!

The bill would have greatly changed Idaho’s carry laws. The bill had numerous issues that gun owners pointed out to lawmakers over the last few days.

In fact, you guys poured thousands of emails and phone calls into the capitol in just a few days’ time.

Despite Idaho being among the freest of states, we can never let our guard down, and we have to continually be vigilant.

The bill sponsor, Rep. Britt Raybould (R-Rexburg) is now working on a different version of the bill. Other legislators in the capitol are asking the ISAA what can be done to fix the bill so that it doesn’t impact gun owners.

You should be proud of the work you did in contacting legislators.

I especially want to thank the gun owners who came and protested outside the House chambers this week to make sure legislators knew we were watching their vote on the bill closely.

While we were sitting up in the House gallery waiting for the debate on HB 167, I received several text messages that the bill was dead, and would not be voted on.

We had accomplished our mission of stopping the bill!

The fight isn’t over yet though. A new bill is being drafted as I write this email, and we have to ensure the new version doesn’t have the same issues as the first bill.

In the meantime, Stand-Your-Ground expansion, SB 1004, is languishing in the desk of Senate State Affairs Committee Chairman Jim Guthrie (R-McCammon).


Senator Guthrie has told us that the bill “goes too far,” and that other leadership in the Senate feels the same way.

Keep in mind that Guthrie is the same legislator who is pushing the bill in Idaho to give illegal aliens driver’s licenses!

So, protecting gun owners even better than we already are is “too far” but giving driver’s licenses to lawbreakers is somehow not too far?

Enhanced Stand-Your-Ground is not complicated, and the idea behind it is not new. It’s already the law in Florida and has been for over a decade.

Guthrie is trying to run out the clock on gun owners, a typical tactic by committee chairmen.


Time is running out, so be sure to call him and leave a simple message telling him to give SB 1004 a hearing.

We need you to contact Guthrie right away at 208-332-1348 and tell him to give SB 1004 an immediate public hearing.

If the legislature wants to kill a pro-gun bill, then let them do it publicly. They need to stop killing bills in committee without a single vote being cast!

We are already pouring thousands of dollars into social media, video, and email campaigns. It’s crucial that we keep the momentum going.

So, whether you can donate $50, $25, or even just $15 dollars to help us continue our campaign, it’s all extremely appreciated

Time is of the essence, as we are likely in the final month of the legislative session.

From all the ISAA staff who are working hard to fight for you, thank you for your efforts during this legislative session.

Our work isn’t done yet, so please stay informed and stay involved in the fight to keep and bear arms!

For Idaho,

Greg Pruett
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance

P.S. We need you to contact Senator Guthrie right away and tell him to give SB 1004 an immediate public hearing.

After you have done so, be sure to donate to the ISAA and help us get more gun owners to contact Senator Guthrie.