Idaho Needs Stand-Your-Ground Law!

Picture this.

Your daughter is leaving from work late one night — tired and exhausted from the day’s work.

As she gets to her car to pull out her keys, she spots someone.

A man begins running toward her from a distance, a knife in his stand — with no signs of stopping.

Your daughter makes the decision to pull out her gun, rather than attempt to get her car keys and get into the car to try and get away.

She yells at the man to stop.

He refuses.

Your daughter fires her handgun in self-defense and kills the attacker in his tracks.

She thinks she has done what was necessary to defend her life.

The reality is that this situation is far from over, because Idaho’s self-defense laws do not protect her in this situation.

Is legal trouble just around the corner?

Did she commit murder?

Under current Idaho law, possibly!

You can help change that — more on that below!

You see, passing substantive “Stand-Your-Ground” laws has been very difficult ever since the Trayvon Martin case in Florida.

Only two states have managed to do so: Missouri and Iowa.

Missouri passed a monumental bill last year by passing Constitutional Carry and Stand-Your-Ground in one bill!

Bloomberg and his anti-gun cronies flooded the State of Missouri and tried to kill the pro-gun bill — they failed miserably and Bloomberg was sent home packing.

Iowa did the same thing this year.

As Bloomberg spent thousands of dollars trying to defeat Iowa’s Stand-Your-Ground bill, he failed yet again.

We know that he will come after Idaho as well.

In fact, last year Bloomberg spent money and resources trying to kill Constitutional Carry in Idaho.

That historical bill was the reason the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance got started and took four years to get it passed thanks to all the wonderful gun owners who joined the effort.

Now that we got Constitutional Carry passed — it’s time for the next battle.

One of the laws we need to change in Idaho is our Stand-Your-Ground law!

Many Idahoans think we already have Stand-Your-Ground.

Idaho’s current “Stand-Your-Ground” is based on case law from over 100 years ago and is gravely insufficient.

Not only is it insufficient but we have seen activist judges change the law time and again in our country.

We must have real Stand-Your-Ground.

Stand-Your-Ground must contain several important components:

     1. It must state that you have “No Duty To Retreat”.

     Idaho’s current law says you don’t have to retreat BUT a prosecutor can submit evidence so that a jury can convict you of murder if they felt you could have retreated. That has to be removed.

     2. It must protect you if you are sued civilly by the criminal or their family.

     3. If you are taken to court by a prosecutor and found “not-guilty”, then you must be compensated for attorney’s fees.

     Your life was already drastically altered by having to take the life of another human being, you shouldn’t have it further complicated by a law suit from an anti-gun prosecutor.

     4. Finally, a real Stand-Your-Ground law will allow you to defend other innocent people who are under attack by a criminal, who cares nothing for your life or theirs.

Without all 4 of those pillars in place, we don’t have Stand-Your-Ground.

The only area that Idaho really has solidly in place is civil immunity!

We have work to do.

With Constitutional Carry in the books, it’s time to beef up our self-defense laws.

You can help us and here’s how!

>>> First, make sure to sign the petition right away! Leyour legislators know you want Stand-Your-Ground iIdaho.

>>> Second, please consider a generous donation of $200, $100, or even just $50 today to help us mobilize guowners for this crucial battle.

    Even if all you can do is $25 today, it would be greatly appreciated.

    We don’t have the Billions that Bloomberg has but are supported by the wonderful gun owners in Idaho.

>>> Third, make sure you “Like” our Facebook Page! While we do regular email updates, Facebook is often the quickest way to get updates.

We sincerely appreciate the support, donations, and activism of all of our great gun owners here.

It’s time to step up once again!

Your actions can help make Idaho’s the most gun friendly country in the union.

This is your chance to make a difference and tell Bloomberg we won’t be bullied by his Billions or his anti-gun minions.

For Freedom,

Greg Pruett
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance


P.S. Now that Constitutional Carry is in the books thanks to Idaho’s gun owners, we move on to a new battle.

Idaho’s lacks a real Stand-Your-Ground law!

It’s time to beef up our self-defense laws.

You can help by signing your petition below!

Then, please consider a generous donation of $200, $100, or $50 today to help us mobilize gun owners for this huge battle!

If that is simple too much for today, then please give a smaller donation of $25 to help in this important effort.

Thank you!